Why won't my car start from auto start? Review of reasons

Problems with engine auto-start can appear on any car model equipped with a non-standard alarm system. Their elimination is possible after determining the reasons for the failure of the system.

In most cases, the source of engine auto start failure is:

  • malfunctions of the vehicle's electrical equipment;
  • car alarm malfunctions;
  • immobilizer emulator transponder problems;
  • software violations;
  • difficulties associated with normal engine starting;
  • critical battery discharge;
  • malfunction of car alarm sensors and engine management system.

The difficulty in determining the exact cause of autostart failure is that computer diagnostics are unable to determine the malfunction of non-standard equipment. The reason why the car does not start from autostart is determined based on signs of startup failure, control measurements and experience in repair work.

Let's look at the most typical cases.

The general principle of operation of autostart alarms Starline of different models

The automatic start system of Starline A91, A92, when sending a command from the remote control, works according to the following principle:

  1. The ignition system duplication relay turns on. For a car, when you try to start it, this is the same as starting the engine with a key or button. The duration of the relay operation may differ depending on how the power unit is started - “cold” or “hot”. In the first case, at low air temperatures, the interval will be longer.
  2. The anti-theft complex establishes communication with the engine blocker bypass module. The device automatically starts working and transmits a signal to simulate the presence of a chip.
  3. A few seconds later, the first attempt is made to start the power unit. This happens after the glow plugs warm up and the fuel pump starts.

The following actions are determined by the settings of the “alarm” of Starline A91, A93 or another model. The system will rotate the car's starter mechanism for a time configured by the user. Gap data can be read via a digital interface.

If the anti-theft complex was connected using the analog method, then subsequent actions are determined by pulses:

  • increasing the frequency of signals at the tachometer input;
  • voltage generation in the vehicle's electrical network;
  • increase in voltage.

The “VanGog Life” channel, using the example of a Renault Capture car, spoke about the principle of operation of the automatic engine start system.

Dependence of engine starting on air temperature

If it is cold outside, the engine can start automatically according to the ambient temperature level. For this, power units are equipped with special sensors that are mounted on the cylinder block or other metal surface adjacent to the engine. Also, the start can be implemented in accordance with the readings of the temperature controller built into the control unit.

  1. The user configures the sensor to autostart at a certain temperature. For example, at -20 degrees. At the time of changing the parameters, this value is about -10 °C or any other value other than -20.
  2. The ambient temperature changes while the vehicle is parked. When this value decreases to -20 degrees, the sensor sends a corresponding signal to the alarm control unit.
  3. The microprocessor module activates the ignition system relay, which leads to the engine starting.

Features of autostart on a car with a manual transmission

If the power unit with a manual transmission does not start, this may be due to the fact that the user has not programmed “soft neutral”.

In practice, the problem when a Starline A94 or another alarm model does not start the engine the first time is usually due to a lack of preparation of the car.

To solve this problem, perform the following steps:

  1. A vehicle with the engine running stops, but the ignition does not turn off.
  2. The gear lever is moved to the neutral speed position. The parking brake handle is raised, it should be working. If the vehicle rolls while parked, it may cause an accident.
  3. On the alarm remote control, press key 1 and hold it for three seconds. The communicator should sound a melody. Over the next 30 seconds, the driver leaves the passenger compartment and turns off the ignition.
  4. The key is removed from the lock; the engine should not stall yet. The user locks all doors, after which the engine will stop. The protection mode will turn on and the vehicle will be prepared for automatic start.

When autostarting, the car starts and stalls

Typically, this symptom of a malfunction indicates problems with the immobilizer. In most car brands, the standard immobilizer allows you to start the engine. After starting, the engine runs for a few seconds, then stalls. When installing systems with auto start, in which the engine must be started without the presence of the driver in the vehicle interior (and the chip key, respectively), immobilizer bypassers are used.

Car alarms with auto start use the following methods to bypass the immobilizer:

  • key;
  • keyless.

1. The key crawler represents an additional transponder, which is installed discreetly in the vehicle interior. It represents an additional pumping loop into which a spare key or chip is installed. The transponder is inductively or electrically connected to the standard vehicle immobilizer pumping loop, which is installed in the area of ​​the ignition switch.

If there are violations in the transponder circuit, or the chip key has left the search zone, the key crawler will not work. The engine will start but then stall.

2. A keyless immobilizer bypass is more reliable than a key one. Its operation is configured by programming modes when connecting the autostart system.

A software failure in the system can make changes to the operating algorithm, and the immobilizer system will begin to block engine operation. Operation can be restored by repeated reprogramming.

In some cars, such as BMW, the immobilizer does not allow the starter to turn if the engine is started unauthorized.

Thus, in these cars, if the autostart turns the starter, but the engine does not start, the immobilizer has nothing to do with it.

The car does not start from autostart, reasons not related to the immobilizer

The operation of autostart in car alarms is configured according to various parameters. For example, in Starline alarm systems, autostart can be performed:

  • by time;
  • after a certain period according to a timer;
  • by engine temperature;
  • on command from the key fob remote control.

The reason that the car does not start with Starline autostart may be due to a failure of the engine temperature sensor or a malfunction of the key fob. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to monitor the parameters of temperature sensors and the performance of the key fob. In some cases, it is necessary to replace the battery in the LCD key fob and reprogram it.

The weak point in the automatic start of Sherkhan 5 alarms is the start based on temperature parameters and the voltage level in the on-board network. To accurately determine the reasons for the autostart failure, you can try using it to start the engine when the ignition key is in close proximity to the ignition switch.

In most cars, the chip is installed at the bottom of the key. It must be placed as close as possible to the rim of the ignition switch; it can be inserted into the lock without turning it.

Electrical problems

In a situation where the car stops starting from autostart, the problem may be in the electrical equipment.

The following may prevent the engine from starting:

1. Blocking via car alarm circuits. To block unauthorized engine starting, a break is used in the circuits of the main vehicle systems:

  • fuel pump;
  • ignition system;
  • fuel injection system;
  • power supply to the engine control unit;
  • automatic transmission lock.

In cars with automatic and manual transmissions, autostart can be disrupted for a simple reason: the shift lever is in a position that blocks the engine from starting.

To protect against unauthorized starting, many auto electricians block the operation of the fuel pump, ignition system, fuel injection, and engine control unit. The blocking relays may be faulty, preventing the engine from starting.

To monitor possible errors, you can perform computer diagnostics. It should show the errors accumulated in previous cycles. Diagnostic results can help determine the cause of startup failures.

2. CAN bus communication error. The CAN bus is designed for local communication between control units of various systems: engine, ABS, body. Many car alarms use this bus to communicate with vehicle systems, including during engine starting.

If communication via the CAN bus is disrupted, the car alarm becomes “blind”, unable to control standard modes and auto start.

The bus can be checked using a multimeter in resistance mode. The usual resistance of the operating bus on the connector side is several tens of ohms.

We recommend: Lada Priora won’t start - what to do?

3. Failure of fuses, relays in the car alarm and car power supply circuits. Repair of any system associated with electrical equipment should begin with checking all fuses responsible for specific units. It is also necessary to check the functionality of the relays, their contacts and connectors.

Car alarms with auto start are often installed using a hinged method. Additional relays and fuses “dangle” under the dashboard; the blocks, at best, are secured with plastic clamps. Contacts may be disrupted by inadvertent movement of the left knee.

Engine starting features

Depending on the type and model of the engine, autostart should be adjusted to its characteristics.

In diesel internal combustion engines, problems arise in winter. At critically low temperatures, high-quality heating of the glow plugs is required.

If one or more glow plugs are faulty, autostart failure is likely due to insufficient heating and low compression.

You should check the operation of the spark plugs and adjust the preheating time before starting the engine. It is necessary to fill in winter fuel with a lower level of waxing to facilitate autostart.

Gasoline engines require a certain amount of time to pump gasoline before starting. Considering the lower performance of the fuel pump at low temperatures, it is necessary to set the optimal mode by programming options and autostart parameters.

When operating a car with automatic start, it is necessary that the battery is in good condition.

A weak battery that has difficulty starting the engine manually cannot provide stable autostart.

Autostart is a convenient option, especially in the cold season. When problems with stable engine starting first appear, the causes of the malfunction should be identified and eliminated.

Why autorun does not work - possible reasons

If the starter turns, but the engine of a car with a Starline alarm stops starting, this may be due to a malfunction of the power unit itself. In this case, the problem may not be related to the anti-theft system. Most often, the reason for Starline autostart not working is due to incorrect connection of the control unit or ignition relay.

Before searching for the cause, the user must make a diagnosis:

  • spark plugs;
  • high-voltage wires through which these elements are connected;
  • coils;
  • distributor or ignition distributor;
  • battery;
  • starter mechanism;
  • fuel pump and filter (the latter is cleaned if necessary).

The engine starts and stops

If an error in the function occurs within four attempts to start the engine, the reasons may be as follows:

  1. The vehicle is not equipped with an immobilizer bypass unit. There may be a conflict between the security system and the blocking device. The alarm manufacturer Starline always indicates this nuance in the service manual for the system.
  2. The control module does not detect the tag installed in the electronic key. Problems with the transponder may be due to software problems or low battery. A more detailed check of the device will be required.
  3. The anti-theft system was connected incorrectly during installation, in particular, this refers to the engine control wires. You need to make sure the connections are correct.

Engine stalls after starting

If, after turning on the autostart system, the car engine starts and stalls, then most likely the problem is in the standard immobilizer, which gives the start command. In this case, there are several options:

  • in key alarms - the transponder crawler has damage in the microcircuit or the key chip is outside the reception area of ​​the autostart unit processor;
  • in keyless alarms – software glitches have appeared in the crawler system, which requires reprogramming.

By eliminating faults in the immobilizer, you will remove the lock from the ignition system. However, if, when the lineman is turned on, the starter turns, but the engine does not start, the problem is not with the immobilizer. It is possible that the alarm is simply not connected to the engine control circuit and requires more careful checking and reconnection.

What to do if the car does not start?

To troubleshoot the problem you may need to:

  • charging, repairing or replacing the battery;
  • diagnostics of the key fob and replacement of failed elements;
  • checking the temperature sensor;
  • installation of an immobilizer bypass.

Troubleshooting the engine should be carried out with the battery disconnected.

Battery check

If the engine does not start with Starline autostart, the battery is diagnosed:

  1. Perform a visual inspection of the device for damage. Oxidized terminal clamps must be cleaned. If the battery has cracks or other serious defects, electrolyte may leak through them. If the battery leaks, it is replaced with a new one.
  2. The level of working fluid in the battery banks is checked and replenished if necessary with distilled water.
  3. Using a multimeter, a battery charge diagnosis is performed. The tester probes must be connected to the terminal clamps of the device, taking into account the polarity (red - plus, black - minus). The engine is started and the indicators are read. If the battery charge is less than 13 or more than 14 volts when the electrical equipment is turned on, it must be replaced. The increase in voltage is due to the battery being discharged and the generator working intensively because of this.

The channel “VAZ 2101-2107 REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE” talked about independently searching for a current leak in a vehicle.

Key fob diagnostics

To check the pager, perform the following steps:

  1. A visual check of the device is performed. If there are serious defects, the remote control must be disassembled.
  2. If there are traces of moisture on the board, then the circuit needs to be dried. But it is not recommended to do this using a household burner, hair dryer, or under direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. Strong exposure to high temperatures will lead to more serious damage, which cannot be repaired on your own. It is better to leave the device for some time in a dry place, not exposed to the sun.
  3. Diagnostics of the contact elements on the buttons is carried out. Failed keys must be replaced; similar ones can be found on the secondary market. If the damage is minor, the control components can be re-soldered.
  4. The power source is replaced if the battery is discharged.

Key fob failure

If after pressing the remote control button the car does not start automatically, the problem should be looked for in the operation of the key fob. In order to be sure that the control element is broken, you must try to turn on the engine from your phone. If the security system is working properly, you need to repair the key fob.

The main causes of failure and ways to eliminate them:

  1. My battery is almost done. In this case, it is enough to replace the discharged power supply with a new one and check the operation of the device. Some alarm models (for example, StarLine B9) have a special sensor on the control panel that lights up when the battery is low.
  2. Damage to the device. This may occur as a result of a fall on a hard surface or moisture entering the case. In this case, the car owner will have to disassemble the key fob and try to repair it with his own hands.
  3. Hardware error. With such a problem, it will be difficult to carry out repairs yourself. For this, you need to carry out detailed diagnostics and re-flash the device (if the check shows that any software element is faulty).

Possible faults

But sometimes the system can produce various errors: the engine does not start or starts, and after a few seconds it stalls. In such cases, the letters SP or ST are written on the key fob. The main reasons why the alarm system fails are listed below.

The engine starts and then turns off

First of all, you need to figure out whether the car has an immobilizer. The fact is that this security system does not allow automatic start-up. Therefore, during installation it is important to use the standard blocker bypass module.

The processor simply cannot read the command from the key fob. There may be several reasons for this: from a dead battery in the remote control to a short circuit or software malfunction.

There is no alarm connection to the starter and engine control parts. It turns out that the system simply does not have the physical ability to start the engine. It is necessary to install the missing elements.

Incorrect setting of operating modes

If the car is equipped with a manual transmission, there is a possibility that the neutral mode has not been programmed. This aspect needs to be corrected.

Physical damage to the remote control

Errors when installing the alarm or during its operation

System installers may incorrectly connect the motor control circuit or connect not all wires. Also, the transponder in the module may simply not recognize the signal. Or there may be a break in the circuits. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis.

Incorrect setting of operating modes

In most cases, if the remote start of the car engine does not work, the problem lies in incorrect settings of the operating modes. In this case, when you try to start the engine, the security system turns on and emits 4 long beeps. If the car is equipped with a manual transmission (robotic gearbox), reprogramming the alarm will help solve the problem, and if there is a manual transmission (manual), adjusting the program neutral.

In cases where the start worked and suddenly stopped responding to the car owner’s commands, you need to re-enable the autostart function. This can be done in 2 ways: by temperature and by time. In the first case, this is done in the following way:

  1. On the control panel, press and hold the star key for several seconds.
  2. After this, wait for a single sound signal from the key fob and move on to the next stage of setup.
  3. If everything is done correctly, you will see a flashing icon at the bottom left of the display.
  4. At the same time, press the button with an asterisk and go to the settings menu.
  5. There they look for the thermometer icon and click on it.
  6. After this, the display will show the engine temperature at which autostart will occur.

Enabling autostart by time on Starline A91, A92, A93, A94, A9, B9 and other popular models is as easy as by temperature. To do this, you need to perform several standard operations.

Instructions for activating the function:

  1. First of all, press and hold the star button for 8 seconds.
  2. After the specified time, the control panel will beep.
  3. After that, wait another 8 seconds until the second beep.
  4. Then release the button and look at the display. A flashing icon should appear on the left.
  5. Click on the star key again and move through the menu to the item with the image of a fan.
  6. Turn on the selected function and wait for a confirmation signal from the key fob.
  7. After about 10 seconds, another beep will sound, which will notify the car owner that the autostart function setup has been completed.

How to start a car using the Starline A91 key fob

  • The car must be in neutral gear. This is true for cars with manual transmission; automatic parking;
  • all doors, hood and trunk must be closed;
  • The car must be put on the handbrake.

The Starline A91 alarm system has two remote controls. The first is the main one, with an LCD display. To start the engine remotely, you need to press the following buttons: first click key 1. It must be held until a melodic signal sounds. After this, you need to briefly press the third button. Detailed instructions are presented in the video below.

SP or 5P error

Video: “sp” starline error with autorun

Many people have also encountered this error. But, if OC7 indicates problems when operating Starline, then for the SP indication to appear (from the English Start Procedure, some read it as “5P”) when trying to autostart, it is enough not to perform the “software neutral” procedure correctly. This error indicates that preparation for autorun was not carried out correctly.

If you do everything correctly, then check: 1. The functionality of the driver’s door switch (the alarm “did not see” that the door was opened and closed before arming). 2. The operability of the handbrake limit switch (if it has oxidized, the signal to raise the handbrake will be interrupted).

Similarly, the SP error will also occur when, after arming the car, you disarm it or open the trunk with the alarm. In this case, the “software neutral” procedure will be canceled, and subsequent autostart attempts will become impossible. Perform program neutral again.

How to start a car using an alarm clock

The autorun function has several different options that the owner can configure at his own discretion. For example, you can set it to automatically start on an alarm clock. You should first make sure that the time on the key fob is set correctly for the correct execution of the program.

You need to position the cursor on the corresponding clock icon (using the third button). Then you need to press the first button and hear a melodic signal. The time on the key fob should blink, and the car's dimensions should blink once. Now the corresponding icon is displayed on the remote control, and the system has begun the countdown to autostart. The alarm clock indicators themselves are set in the same place as the clock parameter.

StarLine starter lock

The alarm system has additional protection systems that block the operation of the starter and protect it from failure. For example, if the owner remotely started the engine, and then got into the car, inserted the key into the ignition and turned it, the starter will not operate.

This function in the Starline A91 complex is set through the programming menu. Car owner first:

  • with the ignition off, press the Valet service key five times;
  • the ignition is turned on, the car emits five sound and light signals;
  • short presses of the second and third keys select the corresponding programming table (SF);
  • button three is pressed for a long time and then briefly until a melodic signal appears;
  • the corresponding function No. 12 is selected and parameter No. 4 is set;
  • exit and memorization of parameters occurs automatically, you just need to turn off the ignition.

The starter blocking relay is included in the alarm kit and is connected separately via additional channel 5.

How to disable the starter lock on the alarm

Disabling the starter lock on the alarm can be done in several ways.

  • Replace the power supply element of the control panel. After this, the signals will become stronger and the transceiver will be able to receive them without distorting the dialogue code;
  • using the Valet service button and the standard key. In this case, the security functions are removed in the emergency mode described above;
  • Remove the terminal from the battery and start it with another battery. The fact is that the alarm power comes to the positive terminal and when it is removed, the security functions are deactivated;
  • turn off the central control unit of the system. As a rule, installers place it under the front panel. Once all connectors are removed, the alarm stops working. After connecting the wires of the standard wiring, you can start the car without problems. But this option is temporary and the problem must be corrected with the help of qualified specialists at a service center.

How to check engine temperature

The alarm also has a remote temperature trigger function, which is convenient for cold climates. To do this you will need:

  • first press the third button on the remote control (in the form of an asterisk), the key fob will emit one melodic signal;
  • The display now shows a thermometer icon. It is necessary to move the cursor to this icon by pressing the third key again;
  • Now you can set the required temperature value at which the engine will start. The operation step is three degrees Celsius;
  • to confirm the choice, press the first key for a long time, up to two short signals;

Error r99

For example, the question often arises - what does “error” r99 mean on the screen? This is not an error at all - with such an indication, autorun starts the moment the user performs the “software neutral” procedure. The “rXX” code itself displays the time that the engine will run on autostart or turbo timer, while r99 means indefinite ignition support. The car alarm waits until the owner leaves the car and arms it to complete the “soft neutral”. So this is not only not an error, but also an indication that all actions were performed correctly.

How to turn off the car using the Starline A91 key fob after autostart

It is logical that along with the ability to start the car engine remotely, there is an option that allows you to turn off the power unit. Executing this command from both key fobs (main and additional) is carried out in the same way:

— initially, the first button is held for three seconds, and then the second key is briefly pressed.

There is also the ability to turn off the engine via the phone. If a call is made to the alarm SIM card, then code 22 is entered. If an SMS is sent, then the owner must write the numbers 22 inside the message.

Error U9N/L9N

An error like this on the screen indicates problems with communication: the connection to the key fob in interactive mode was completed with errors. In this case, the alarm will be armed, but will give such a signal on the screen.

What needs to be checked in this case? First of all, connect the cable connecting the antenna module to the central unit: are there any fractures or worn-out insulation? The antenna module cable should not run along the power wiring or cables of other external sensors (on older alarm systems where the shock/tilt sensor was not built into the antenna module). Inspect the connector contacts, try re-arranging the cable. Often this reason leads to the fact that doors do not open/close using the alarm key fob.

Communication problems may also arise if the power supply to the alarm is incorrectly connected. As auto electricians say, all electrical engineering is the science of the masses. If the “ground” or power is connected through oxidized twists or terminals, the block with the alarm power fuse has oxidized, at the moment of signal transmission (when the alarm power consumption is maximum), voltage drops occur in places of oxidation that can lead to malfunctions of the transmitter module. At the same time, check the battery terminals, especially if an error indication occurs during the autostart attempt itself (voltage surges in the network when the starter is running).

What to do if Starline A91 autostart does not work

Sometimes it happens that the autorun function does not work. For example, the starter turns the engine, but it does not start. In this case, it is necessary to check the presence of gasoline in the tank, as well as the charge of the battery. In the first case, everything is clear - you need to add gasoline. Secondly, charge the battery.

It is also possible that the engine does not start when cold and even has difficulty starting with the key. In this case, you can set settings that will increase the starter operating time. You can also reduce the interval between startup attempts.

In this case, the key fob displays information and immediately writes an error. To reset the protocol, you need to start the engine again with the key and tighten the handbrake. Then remove the key from the ignition, open the driver's door and activate the alarm again. Usually the car is armed again and the OS7 error simply disappears. However, this is not always the case. If this does not happen, then you need to contact the service center.

The same procedure is required in case of a short circuit or software failure. A hint of such a reason will be the incorrect behavior of the car and the incorrect performance of certain functions. Specialists from a specialized service center can fix the problem and do everything as professionally as possible.

People, tell me, I reset the alarm settings and after that the autostart stopped working. As I understand it, the standard immobilizer does not allow the signal to start the engine, because on the key fob I press to start it remotely, the starter turns, it seems like all the symptoms are there, but the engine still doesn’t start, but everything starts with the key. what should be done?

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But what does the end cap have to do with it if the autostart works with the key inserted?

the same. starts with the key. Since autostart 2 in the morning I have been turning it and turning it and nothing. just sat down. from the key instantly. where do guys look for this immo?

Absolutely the same problem, with the same alarm... only I activated the immo myself when I was looking for the reason why the car would not start (there was water in the tank). Autostart still doesn’t work...the same reasons and symptoms 100%, but how to do it - I don’t know

Yes, everything is fine for me, the car is running, only autostart does not work, I’m thinking about how to disable the standard immo

Try going to the officials... maybe they’ll take 500 rubles and they’ll do it. I’ll describe the problem to them at TO-3

only there are no official ones in my city((

Where can I find this key?

That means he also made a spare key!

What should I do? Couldn't there be an immobilizer bypass module there? Maybe he also reset somehow?

it was so. the key moved behind the shield and that’s it!

How can I fix this?

Move the key. and secure it better and that's it

I'm sorry, of course, but what kind of key needs to be moved? and why did he get confused about resetting the settings?

Or maybe the alarm is not seen by the crawler? i.e. not specified programmatically, I think you need to read the instructions

Today I tried a lot of options when programming, in the end I set the blue wire to ignition and control the engine operation using the on-board voltage

It depends little on you what you set, i.e. for our climate, the ease of installation is on pulse generators, try one by one and you will understand where the ignition in my starline is powered from (generator +, coil, injector, and it seems that something else is possible ) but the installer set it to the generator, so when you select other modes it just grinds and doesn’t start, I advise you to try, but maybe the key

Yes, I think I tried everything, on the generator it doesn’t even set to autostart, it just stalls

It depends little on you what you set, i.e. for our climate, the ease of installation is on pulse generators, try one by one and you will understand where the ignition in my starline is powered from (generator +, coil, injector, and it seems that something else is possible ) but the installer set it to the generator, so when you select other modes it just grinds and doesn’t start, I advise you to try, but maybe the key

what do you recommend doing?

I'm sorry, of course, but what kind of key needs to be moved? and why did he get confused about resetting the settings?

I don’t know why I got lost... the key was a spare one. when they set the signal you had to give it. They hide it in a box and who goes where it goes. behind my shield

The alarm locks the engine

VALET mode The Valet button switch is used to enable the Valet service mode (i.e., temporarily disable the security functions of the system) if, for example, you need to leave the car at a service station. At the same time, you will be able to control the service functions of the system (for example, remotely unlock the car doors) and enable the remote “Panic” mode.

To enable Valet mode:

Once in the vehicle, turn the ignition on and off. Within 15 seconds, press and hold the Valet switch for 2 seconds. The siren will emit 1 short signal and the LED will start to light continuously, indicating that the system is in Valet mode. Note: When the system is in Valet mode, each time the ignition is turned off, the siren will sound 2 short warning signals.

To turn off Valet mode:

Once in the vehicle, turn the ignition on and off. Within 15 seconds, press and release the Valet switch once. The siren will give 2 short beeps and the system LED will go out.

Attention! Don't forget to turn off Valet mode. This guarantees the constant protection of your car.

Emergency system shutdown This system can be disarmed without using the transmitter (emergency system shutdown procedure). This is necessary if, for example, the transmitter is lost, faulty, or if the transmitter batteries are low.

Emergency shutdown of the system without the help of a transmitter:

Open the door with the key (the system will operate, the siren will turn on, the direction indicators, interior lighting, etc. will start flashing) Turn on the ignition. Within 15 seconds, press and release the Valet button switch. The alarm mode will turn off, the system LED will go out, and you can start the car.

ATTENTION: Please note that this will not put the system in Valet mode. This means that if the passive arming function is enabled, then after the next time the ignition is turned off and all doors, hood and trunk of the car are closed, a 30-second countdown will begin before passive arming.

A good alarm system is a reliable protector against car theft. At the same time, we cannot talk about the car being 100% protected from theft and disassembly. Any alarm system, even a bank alarm, can be hacked. Another question is that this will take time. The better the alarm, the longer the time and complexity of hacking. Attackers involuntarily raise the question of the advisability of hacking a car with a good alarm system, if there is an option to choose a simpler “job”.

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Like all electronic devices, car alarms can malfunction over time, or as it is now fashionable to say, “glitch.” At the same time, it either does not set the car alarm, or it goes off arbitrarily, or, even worse, it blocks the authorized (from the original key fob, tag or other programmed mode) disarming, and blocks the engine from starting. What to do in this case?

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Errors when reading the temperature sensor

When trying to check the engine temperature from the key fob, an HI error (read as “n1”) may appear. This indicates that the sensor is faulty and Starline considers the temperature too high (from English HIGH). Since the engine temperature sensor is a thermistor, the resistance of which is proportional to temperature, then most likely this resistance has increased due to oxidation of the twists or has become infinite (broken wires). The sensor itself breaks down much less often.

Similarly, the LO (LoC) error is associated with the temperature sensor. It indicates that the temperature is too low - that is, physically low resistance at the input of the temperature sensor (short circuit in the wires).

On older StarLine models (for example, A91), the engine temperature sensor was connected parallel to the hood limit switch. Often, installers saved time by not extending an additional wire from the sensor to the central alarm unit, but by connecting it to the limit switch wire directly under the hood. This leads to incorrect temperature recognition: the sensor must be connected as close as possible to the central unit connector. Water at the very end of the hood also creates problems (condensation, consequences of car washing). Subsequently, engineers abandoned the joint connection of the sensor with the limit switch, and this problem disappeared.

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