Why does the car brake jerkily when braking? several possible reasons

Hi all! in general, this is the case!) after reading the comments and pondering my arguments (more details here about this malfunction, I still decided to replace the clutch. Arriving at the service station, we got to work, but the master decided to make sure once again that this was IT) and then staggered to the right the shaft from the front showed that it was he!) (the splines were torn off) and the play turns out to be on the grenade and is transferred to the body. So: 1.

I went and bought
a shaft
, arrived at a hundred and began to disassemble it, removed the clutch, it had its own shortcomings: it was a little burnt and the basket was a little bent.
approaching the box we decided to check the same differential finger and, having twisted the grenade, we heard a bad sound

and clutch assemblies for 1st and 2nd gears. Here is a very interesting continuation! The car is 11 years old, the box consists of spare parts for 4 cars! Eight, ten, Priora, Grant. (more on that later!) We went to the store and bought a differential assembly, clutches, synchronizers, gears came back to 100, everything fit except the second gear gear

It is the only one in the box with an internal diameter of 35mm

, went looking at 12:00, arrived at 18:30, having visited all the shops in the city, begging

choose one with such an internal diameter, BUT everyone was crazy that they didn’t exist! offering me tenths and eighths, their internal diameter is 37mm

. And then I found it at the car market! Having shown her the original, they immediately told me that this is Grantovskaya! WHO THOUGHT TO COLLECT BOXES?!

From the whole city in 1 store! 4.

arrived at a hundred, assembled the box, changed the clutch, now everything is cool, no twitches or jolts)) They said it would be repaired in time, otherwise a new box would help)) The differential was installed from a dozen of the old model with metal bearings

I hope this thread helps someone! so as not to drive around the whole city in search, look immediately at the car markets in your cities because here even in the VAZ

three whales
did not know that such people existed! Karma to everyone! yo

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