How to start a VAZ 2114 without a key - 3 ways to solve the problem

There are various unforeseen situations in life, and sometimes we lose our car keys. According to the law of the falling sandwich, this most often happens in nature or in a summer cottage. How to solve this problem? What can be done and how to start a VAZ 2114 without a key? There are several methods, they differ in the point of access to the car's power supply and the methods of connecting it.

Starting a VAZ 2114 without a key

How to properly start a VAZ-2114 without an ignition key

A broken or lost ignition key is a complex but solvable problem.
For the VAZ-2114, starting the car in such a situation is possible in several ways. Most of them are available to all people who have minimal repair skills. This is often faster than calling a tow truck if the key is lost at the dacha or on the road. There are several simple methods on how to start a VAZ-2114 without a key. All of them allow direct access to the power point. This is the so-called twisting of wires, direct power supply from the battery, sawing out the ignition switch, using a metal plate. Step-by-step instructions will help you master each of them.

How to properly start a VAZ-2114 without an ignition key: basic methods

All methods that allow you to start a VAZ-2114 yourself can exist if there is no ignition key. The reason may be not only its loss, but also its breakdown. The second situation occurs when the key is turned sharply. It will not be possible to remove the fragment without a trip to the service station. The problem can be solved temporarily if you gain direct access to the power supply system. The following methods are used without special equipment:

  • if you have a Phillips screwdriver and a piece of wire, just choose the method “how to start a VAZ-2114 without a key by twisting the wires”;
  • with sufficient experience, it makes sense to use drilling of the ignition switch (it is important to clarify the cost of replacement in advance, sometimes it is comparatively cheaper to call a tow truck);
  • you can use direct power from the battery (you only need a screwdriver);
  • use a metal plate.

All these methods are temporary; later you will have to go to a car service center in any case. Before starting emergency work, you will definitely need to remove the alarm terminal. This will prevent it from triggering unexpectedly.

Radical approach

If there is no time, and nerves are at their limit, some car enthusiasts resort to them, but these are the worst ways to open a car. Imagine that you decided to sell your car in a year, and the buyer you came across was attentive and meticulous. Traces after an approach by brute force will remain with a 99% probability, and such a car will be sold for a very long time, because no one will believe that it was not in an accident.

If you decide then:

  1. We break out the lock - take a screwdriver and hammer it into the lock cylinder, and then turn it. This method is incredibly expensive, because further repairs are required. You will be faced with the fact that instead of one cylinder you will have to change all 5 (doors + trunk), and after the repair you will have two keys. In order to have only one key, you will have to order expensive locks and wait a long time, dooming yourself to the inability to use the car always open.

Breaking the lock

  1. We break the glass - when you damage the lock, but do not open the car, break the glass. It is necessary to break the rear door glass (preferably the right one). There are several reasons for this decision: firstly, a window sealed with tape will not spoil visibility, and secondly, if after breaking it turns out that the back door of the VAZ 2114 does not open, and you have to knock out all the glass to get through, you will have less wind later. And don’t break the glass with your hands - find a hammer, otherwise, in addition to a car mechanic, you will also need a surgeon.

Breaking out the glass

WORTH KNOWING! Another tip is to buy the tape in advance, because if the fragments hang on it, you will not have to clean the interior. Imagine the area you are going to hit as a square and cover it with tape on only one side.

Using wires: twisting

The classic way to turn on the ignition of a car without a key is to twist wires. To do this you will need:

  1. First of all, remove the wire from the positive terminal of the battery.
  2. Place the gear shift lever in neutral position.
  3. Put the car on the parking brake.
  4. Remove the steering column cover using a Phillips screwdriver to gain free access to the necessary wires.
  5. There are several wires attached to the ignition switch: ignition, starter, battery. This can be determined, among other things, by the color of the winding. Grounding – green or black. The power wire is often yellow, the starter is orange or red.
  6. Immediately separate the grounding from the rest so as not to damage all the wiring.
  7. Place the starter wire to the side.
  8. Fasten the remaining wires using a piece of wire or electrical tape to make contact. If done correctly, electrical equipment such as lights will turn on.
  9. Gently depress the clutch pedal.
  10. Bring the starter cable to the twist of the remaining wires and connect carefully.

If everything is done correctly, the car will start. After this, carefully release the clutch pedal and move the starter cable to the side to avoid damage.

Cutting out the ignition switch

The second, more complicated method is to drill out the ignition switch. For this:

  1. Using a thin drill bit, carefully drill out the lock in the upward direction from the hole itself. This is necessary to destroy the locking pins.
  2. If necessary, repeat this procedure.
  3. Then carefully turn a thin screwdriver in the lock. This is enough to turn on the ignition.

Before using such a method, it is important to evaluate its financial feasibility. For some models, restoring the lock will cost much more than a tow truck service. This is a last resort when other methods are ineffective.

Application of metal plate

If the key is lost rather than broken, a suitable metal plate can be used as a replacement. In addition to this part, you will need a thin screwdriver. The plate used as a substitute must fully match the dimensions of the key. To start the car this way, you need to do the following.

  1. Carefully insert the plate into the ignition switch. Its length should be such that the end protrudes from the well.
  2. Next, insert a thin screwdriver and turn it firmly into the hole.

This is usually enough to start the engine. Then you will need to contact a car service to restore the functionality of the ignition switch. It is especially important to do this if you cannot remove the metal replacement plate yourself.

Starting the engine while towing a vehicle

This is another common method for starting a car engine with a faulty starter.

Important! This method is not suitable for vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, since due to certain features of its design, towing the vehicle is strictly contraindicated.

To implement this method, you will need a tow rope and another car. It is extremely important to strictly follow the following sequence of actions during towing:

  • the leading machine should start moving smoothly and start moving at low speed to tension the cable;
  • the driver of a towed car should not brake sharply;
  • after the vehicle starts, it will begin to accelerate sharply;
  • you should stop only after the leading car stops;
  • Do not turn off the engine while unhooking the cable, otherwise it may not start, and towing will be required again.

Useful tips

To avoid other breakdowns when starting the engine using improvised methods, it is important to follow safety precautions:

  • It is first important to eliminate the effect of the steering lock (it is enough to make several sharp turns to the right and left);
  • Be sure to first disable the alarm system (this is done by pressing the Valet button);
  • the safest algorithm that does not lead to future repairs is twisting the wires;
  • It is important to know that an error when connecting power can lead to failure of various types of electrical equipment.

If the car is equipped with an on-board computer, it is not advisable to use such methods. This can lead to electronic failure.

How to start a VAZ 2114 without a key: necessity and solutions

There are various unforeseen situations in life, and sometimes we lose our car keys. According to the law of the falling sandwich, this most often happens in nature or in a summer cottage. How to solve this problem? What can be done and how to start a VAZ 2114 without a key? There are several methods, they differ in the point of access to the car's power supply and the methods of connecting it.

To twist, you will need a Phillips screwdriver and a paper clip (piece of wire).

  1. Open the hood and remove the wire from the positive terminal of the battery.
  2. Place the gear shift lever in neutral position.
  3. Put the car on the parking brake.
  4. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the steering column boot and set it aside.
  5. Carefully remove the block with wires from the ignition switch. Immediately determine which wire is ground and disconnect it from the others. If you connect the ground to the housing with a multimeter, there will be no voltage. It's even better if you insulate the cable so you don't accidentally damage all the wiring.
  6. Find the red wire and move it to the side. Carefully connect the remaining wires to make contact. Secure the twist with wire or a paper clip. Sometimes the twist is rewound with tape or tape. The electrical equipment of your car should turn on.
  7. Depress the clutch pedal.
  8. Place the red wire with the rest of the wires (twisted). The car should start. Remove the red wire from the twist. If the engine speed is stable, release the clutch pedal smoothly and carefully.

The ignition switch connectors (blocks) on different cars may differ from each other. There are types of connectors from which you can remove the wires with an awl. Only after removal are they twisted together (without the red wire).

After starting the engine, the red wire is immediately removed from the twist. Otherwise the starter may break.

Attention! If you do not remove the wire from the battery terminal, the engine may start when twisting the wires and a short circuit may occur.

In winter, the engine must be started correctly

If in the summer the driver’s actions can be described as “sit down and go,” then in the cold season everything is completely different.
Starting the engine in winter should be carried out by adhering to certain rules. Their strict implementation in most cases guarantees a trouble-free launch. So, the first step is to warm up the battery much. This is not difficult to do. The most common option is to turn on the high beams for a few seconds by pulling the corresponding lever towards you. As a rule, 10-15 seconds are enough. This procedure can be done several times - the main thing is not to overdo it and not damage the battery. Next, turn on the ignition and pause. The fuel pump takes a few seconds to supply fuel to the system. After this, you need to depress the clutch pedal. Thanks to this simple action, you make the starter’s job much easier, reducing the number of parts it needs to turn. Accordingly, the current consumed by this device is also reduced, that is, you are also sparing the battery.

Now you can proceed to the final stage, that is, directly starting the engine. It should be especially noted that it is recommended to turn the starter for 5-7 seconds. Otherwise, you risk simply draining the battery, making your task even more difficult. If it fails to start on the first try, take a short pause and then try again. It is recommended to do this no more than 3-4 times.

Situations often arise when all of the above actions were done correctly and in the right sequence, but the car still did not start. In this case, you should look for other problems that are preventing the engine from starting. First of all, you need to pay attention to the candles. If during the inspection you find that they are flooded, you can solve the problem in 2 ways. Firstly, carry a spare set with you and, if necessary, install it. Option two is to simply burn the candles using a gas stove.

So, all the problems are solved, and the engine still starts. Do not rush to immediately release the clutch pedal. Experienced warriors recommend holding it for another 5 seconds. You need to release the pedal very smoothly and carefully so as not to stall. By the way, it is also not recommended to move off immediately after starting - let the oil in the engine and gearbox warm up a little.

Finally, I would like to give a few more simple tips. If you store your car near your home, it is better to take the battery to a warm room overnight. It’s clear that you don’t really want to rush back and forth with a rather weighty battery, but the prospect of not starting in the morning due to a completely discharged battery is even less pleasant. If you still don’t want to do this, then at least buy a set of wires so that you can “light it” from another car if necessary. Here it is worth recalling one very important rule. With this procedure, you should first connect the ground on both cars, and only after that the positive terminals.

How to start a car without a key

3 methods: 1. Start the car by connecting the wires in the steering column. 2. Drilling the locking pins. 3. Power supply to the panel

Most modern car manufacturers try to hide the wires or provide security measures in the steering column to prevent the car from being started without a key, but older models from the 90s are usually good candidates for this. This method is important to know in case you lose your keys and need to start your car again.

Starting the car by connecting the wires in the steering column

Get in the car. Don't break into a car unless you own it and have paperwork to prove it. Keep in mind that in the event of a break-in, the alarm will sound if the vehicle has one.

• This method, like most keyless car starting methods, only works for cars manufactured in the 90s. New models are equipped with a lot of locking mechanisms that prevent starting without a key, unless you know all the tricks of a particular model. If you try this method on a 2002 Honda Civic, the alarm will most likely go off, the starter will be locked, and no one will be able to drive the car anywhere.

• If you have the owner's manual handy, make sure that the steering column and gear shift are actually accessible. This method can cause serious damage to the gear shift mechanism and steering column.

Remove the plastic cover on the steering column. The cover is usually secured using hidden mounting pins or #2 Phillips Phillips bolts. Remove them and open the access panel.

• Alternatively, on much older models, you can break the locking pins on the ignition by hammering a flat-head screwdriver into the keyhole and turning it. It is very difficult - if not impossible - to do this manually, but if you think the car model is old enough to do this, then you can try.

Locate the wiring harness connector. When you remove the panel covers from the steering column, you should be able to see the interweaving of electrical wiring. Don't be scared and learn to recognize the right bun. There are usually three main wiring bundles:

• Wiring that goes to the buttons on the side of the steering column, where the headlight button, cruise control and other indicators are located

• Wiring that goes to buttons on the other side of the steering column, such as the windshield wiper or heated seat buttons

• Wiring going to the battery, ignition and starter right at the top of the steering column

Move aside the wiring bundles coming from the battery, ignition and starter. One of them will be the main power source for the ignition key, the other will be the ignition wires, and the third will be the starter. Other wire colors will vary depending on the manufacturer. To confidently differentiate between all possible options, read the owner's manual or search for information on the Internet.

• In some cases, the ignition wiring is brown and the starter wiring is yellow, but the battery wiring is most often red. Again, to know for sure, you need to read the owner's manual. You are not a super agent; If you mix up the wires, you can get an electric shock.

Strip about 2.5 cm of insulation from the battery wires and twist them together. Wrap them with electrical tape to prevent short circuits from metal parts of the car. Connecting these wires will provide electrical current to the ignition components to start the engine when the starter is engaged.

Connect the ignition on/off wire to the battery wire. When connected, the backlight on the dashboard will light up and other electrical components will start working. If all you wanted to do was listen to the radio, then you're done. If you want to drive somewhere, you will need to create a spark on the starter wire, which can be dangerous.

With extreme care, expose about 1 centimeter of the starter wire. It will be energized, so you need to be very careful and hold the exposed wires firmly. Touch the end of this wire to the connected battery wires. Don't try to screw it on to start the car, just create sparks on the battery wires.

Accelerate the engine to idle speed. If you want to start the car, let it idle a few times to keep the engine from stalling and you don't have to repeat the process again.

Once the engine starts, you can remove the starter wire and continue driving. When you want to turn off the engine, simply unscrew the battery wires from the ignition wires and the car will stall.

Unlock the steering column lock. You've started the car and are now ready to head off into the sunrise, right? Wrong. At the moment, the steering column is most likely locked, despite the fact that the car is running. You will need to unlock it unless you intend to derail the car or something like that.

On some models, the only thing you have to do is pry out the metal keyhole, which will release the spring and break the lock.

Some models only lend themselves to a good dose of physical strength. Turn the steering wheel firmly to one side, as if you were trying to unscrew it completely. You can also use a hammer to secure the steering wheel and use it as a lever. You should hear something break before the steering wheel becomes free and you can drive the car.

Drilling the locking pins

Place the drill on the keyhole at a distance of 2/3 from its top edge. Your goal with this method is to destroy the locking pins and start the car using a screwdriver rather than a key. This is usually done if the car keys are lost.

Drill to approximately the depth of the key. Each locking pin has two sections followed by a spring, so you will need to drill several times to allow the lock pieces inside it to snap into place.

Insert the screwdriver as you would insert keys. It doesn't have to go deep since the pins are already broken. Use the screwdriver the same way you would use a key: to try to start the car, simply turn the screwdriver a quarter turn clockwise.

Warning: Using this method will break the ignition switch, so your car can be stolen by anyone with a screwdriver or a strong fingernail.

Power supply to the panel

Open the hood and locate the red wire from the ignition coil. The spark plug and ignition coil wires are located at the rear of almost all V8 engines. In four-cylinder engines they are located on the right, in the middle of the engine. In the case of six-cylinder engines, the opposite is true: left side, in the middle of the engine.

What actions should be taken if the key is left in the car?

The first question that a driver asks himself when he discovers that the car key is left in the cabin: how to open a VAZ 2114 in an easy and simple way without a key? The easiest way would be to call home and ask for an additional set of keys. If there is no one at home, you can call a special service that provides such services, but you will have to pay about 3 thousand rubles for such a service. But it’s realistic to find other ways to open a car without keys:

  1. Using wire of appropriate length. Using a rigid wire at least 70 cm long, you can easily open the door. For this method, you should use a metal ruler, but such an object can rarely be seen nearby, of course, if the car owner does not steal other people's cars. Therefore, we will look at opening car doors using a wire. So, having found a piece of metal wire, you need to do the following:
  • make a kind of bend at one end, which should resemble a hook for a fishing rod;
  • the end with the bend must be carefully inserted between the seal and the glass, trying to pick up the door rod. Of course, such an operation is not so simple, and most often it is not completed successfully the first time. But one of the attempts will definitely succeed and help open the car door;
  • You should not try to use thin wire for this method, as it will simply bend, and a thicker product will not be able to be inserted into a small slot.
  1. Using a thin fishing line, but always strong. In a similar way, you can try to open a car door using a fishing line, which should be thin and at the same time strong enough. A small loop is made at the end of the fishing line, and this end is pushed into the gap between the body and the door seal. Having inserted the fishing line inside, you need to move it in different directions until it wraps around the loop of the door flag. Next, all that remains is to pull the ends of the fishing line so that the flag rises up. This method of opening doors is suitable if the car is equipped with a special flag, with which the car door is closed.
  2. You can also try to open the door of the VAZ-2114 using a tennis ball in which a hole is made. To do this you need to do the following:
  • press the tennis ball firmly against the car door lock, making sure that the hole where the key is inserted exactly matches the hole of the tennis ball;
  • press the ball sharply so that a stream of air enters the inside of the castle;
  • the air that gets inside should raise the door flag, which will help open the car door.

Many car owners claim that opening the trunk is much easier, and a key from another VAZ model will help with this. To do this, you just need to contact the driver of the other car and ask to use his keys.

Of course, you can simply break the glass, but in the future you will have to spend money on a new one, and not everyone will be able to break tempered glass the first time.
In addition, this method of opening the door often leads to injury, so when deciding on it, you must first protect your face and hands. If none of the above methods helped to open the door of the VAZ-2114, all that remains is to contact the dealer with a request to make a duplicate of the lost keys. Of course, this process will take some time, but if there is no other choice, then you can just wait.

To avoid finding yourself in such a predicament, you should always be careful about your keys, store them in a safe place and do not forget them in the car.

How to start a VAZ 2114 without an ignition key

You will learn about how to start a VAZ 2114 without an ignition switch - go here. Do-it-yourself car repair with photo and video guides, all this for those who have to repair their car. How to repair a car yourself at home. We will help you with repairs and repair the car yourself. We know how to restore a car with minimal investment. I have attached video instructions.

Category: DIY repairs

Laughter on topic: I was given a talisman that attracts money. I hung it in front of the windshield. The next day, a cash-in-transit vehicle drove into me.

Published by Admin: at the request of Job

Car owner criticism: – Excellent price-quality ratio. A practical car, without show-offs, but at the same time its face is not as scary as Logan’s. - good basic equipment, full-size spare wheel - spacious trunk - starts well in cold weather (very good for Siberia) - comfortable driver’s seat, instruments and the switches are all at hand, your legs are not cramped, you don’t rest against anything.

You've probably seen more than once, while watching another action-packed film, how the main character gets behind the wheel of a car without keys, pulls out a bunch of wires from under it, connects something to something else, the car starts, and he drives away.

In fact, a similar situation can happen in everyday life, without any action, chases or other cinematic elements. At any moment, the human factor and the ignition key can come into play; you can simply take it and lose it or break it with a sharp jerk in the door lock or ignition socket, which in itself is quite unpleasant, as it will require expensive repairs and replacement of locks on all doors and the steering column mechanism.

So how can you repeat the trick from the movie and how to start it without the ignition key?

To do this, first of all, you need to carefully get to the wires, which will require removing the protective cover located under the steering wheel.

After the protection is removed, you will be able to see multi-colored wires going to the ignition system switch . Here it is worth separating the wires from the ignition switch in any convenient and accessible way.

After the wires are disconnected, it is worth determining which wire is where and what it is responsible for in the vehicle’s on-board system.

Let's start by defining a ground wire . Most often, this wire is painted green or black; on some cars, like in household appliances, it may be yellow with a thin green stripe along the entire length of the wire.

To check that the selected wire is indeed a ground wire, you can measure it with a multimeter by connecting one probe to the wire and the other to the car body. If the digital indicator shows zero, then we can conclude that “ground” has been found, right. The end of the wire should be insulated with electrical tape or a scraper, otherwise if there is an accidental short circuit with the supply wires, there is a high probability of damaging the vehicle’s on-board system.

In order to identify the wires from which power comes, you can also use the color marking of the wire or a measuring device. As a rule, the power wire is yellow or red, it all depends on its voltage, and there may be more than one. Therefore, it is worth “ringing” all the wires and determining who is who by their voltage relative to the “ground”. This can be done by connecting one of the tester probes to the ground wire or machine body, having previously set the multimeter to the voltage measurement position. After all power wires have been found, they should be grouped and isolated, so that if they have the opportunity to come into contact with the ground or the case without the participation of the tester, this can be dangerous.

To determine the wire supplying the starter , it is necessary to move the handbrake to the neutral position, after which you can alternately connect the undefined wires with the supply wires defined earlier. One of the wires will make the car's starter work. You can mark it for yourself, for example with colored electrical tape.

The few remaining wires are used to supply power to the vehicle. They must be connected to the wire responsible for supplying voltage. And remember, the connection of these wires must be well fastened, since while the car is moving, the connection may be broken and the car’s engine will stall.

After which we “strike” the wire supplying the starter with voltage, during the circuit the car will start to start. After the car starts, this wire should be removed.

Also, while starting the car, you should not keep the power wire and the starter wire closed for a long time, this can lead to rapid discharge of the battery and failure of the starter itself.

Currently, some modern cars are already starting to get rid of the ignition key, using special key fobs, buttons for starting the car or code panels that require entering a special PIN code set by the driver. It’s true that many “garage Kulibins” try to remove the ignition system using a key from the car’s design and assemble a start-stop engine solution with their own hands.

Only time will tell what to expect from the technological process of the automotive industry in engineering solutions for ignition systems and vehicle starting, but in the meantime, take care and do not forget the keys in the car.

The first problem is the starter turns, does not engage

Let's consider the following situation when the VAZ-2114 does not start, but the starter continues to turn. You should also take into account the nuance that the starter still does not engage. The mechanism of the problem is as follows:

  • the key is inserted into the ignition;
  • the fuel pump pumped up the fuel mixture;
  • during the ignition startup process, the starter turns in idle mode (experts call this process “the starter does not catch”).

Experienced motorists note that a similar situation occurs in VAZs with high mileage, so we can talk about wear of either the starter itself or its parts. So, most often the overrunning clutch or “Bendix” suffers; the main element here is the gear. It is this overrunning clutch gear that causes a lot of trouble, because its teeth are often subject to wear. The mechanism of the malfunction appears as follows:

  • the driver turns the key;
  • the starter starts to spin;
  • The overrunning clutch gear cannot engage the engine due to tooth wear.

Even in the starter, its gearbox may fail. This problem is less common than the previous one. This gearbox includes several types of gears, which are also subject to wear due to the long life of the vehicle. There are five gears in total:

  • one small;
  • three satellite gears;
  • one large one, attached directly to the gearbox housing and engaged with the satellites.

Even an experienced specialist will not immediately say in which of the named parts the gear teeth have worn out. To do this, you will have to remove the starter and disassemble it to inspect all the components.

How to start a car without a key? : 3 comments

the basin is very easy to start if you are stealing, you need to rip off the door lock, and then rip off the panel under the steering wheel, then you need to rip off the chip from the wires so that they are free and connect the blue black and red and put the pink one on top))))) I have friends just before they were doing this, but they just put everyone in prison, you just need to think at the beginning and then take risks……….

I lost the key to my 1997 Toyota Kaldina. How to start?

Take a duplicate without a thread and stick it in a lot so that there is a thread

Starting a car without a key is a difficult task, but it is quite doable, as can be seen from police reports on thefts. Even the most inaccessible cars disappear under the cover of darkness in an unknown direction and cannot be found for a long time. Let’s say right away that you need to train exclusively in your own car, and not in your neighbor’s or any other car you like - look through the criminal code to find out how such jokes can later turn out.

How to start a car without a key VAZ 2114

Because there are various unexpected situations when we lose our car keys. According to the law of the falling sandwich, in most cases this happens in the lap of nature or in the country. How to solve this problem? What do they do and how do I get a keyless 2114 key? There are several ways to access the vehicle's power source and how to connect it.

You will need a Phillips screwdriver and a paperclip (a piece of wire) to tighten it.

Ignition connectors (shoes) vary from car to car. Of course, there are types of connectors that can be removed using an awl. Only after removal are they twisted together (without the reddish wire).

After starting the engine, the red wire is immediately removed from the turn. Otherwise, the starter may break.

Warning! If you do not disconnect the wire from the battery terminal when the wires are twisted, the engine will start and a short circuit will occur.

Drill through the ignition switch using a drill bit aimed slightly above the keyhole. This will destroy the locking pins. Repeat the operation several times and then turn the narrow screwdriver into the lock. The machine should start.

The ignition switch must be replaced after drilling. Some models will cost more than calling a tow truck.

Adequate methods

This will surprise many, but there are much more adequate methods to get into an automatically locked car without damaging it than radical and expensive ones.

So, the car is locked from the inside with the keys in the ignition, it’s a long drive to get the keys, and I don’t want to spend money either on a special company or on subsequent repairs:

1. Open the trunk to get into the cabin. There are several methods to perform this task:

  • We apply a strong impulse blow with an open palm just below the lock, and the vibration will complete everything for you and the latch will open;
  • take an awl (a woman’s nail file or manicure scissors) but not a screwdriver. We insert the existing object under the seal and press the tongue.

Using an awl to open doors

2. Open the hood and disconnect the battery. This is the simplest of the methods:

  • we crawl under the car and find the cord leading to the hood lock; if that doesn’t work, we look for the lock tongue through the radiator grille;
  • press the tongue mechanically or pull the cable and the hood opens;
  • We approach the battery and knock down the negative terminal, and click it several times on the mount. The car body, which is a minus, is a large consumer and turning it on abruptly will create a small soft drop. It’s better not to touch the right one, because you can burn the ECU.

3. Open the door with wire. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • we find a stiff wire and an analogue of a woman’s nail file and get to work;
  • use a thin object to pry out the glass seal near the lock;
  • we insert the pre-bent wire into the prepared hole and lower it until it rests;
  • the wire rests against the lock latch, so we turn it and turn it until it goes around it, when it “falls through” we pry it back;
  • The opening procedure will take 2-5 minutes, and the door will be open; all that remains is to hammer the seal back.

We use wire

4. Open with your phone. The most interesting, and most importantly effective method of how to open the door on a VAZ 2114. It is simple and amazing:

  • you need to remember who has the second keys and call this person;
  • bring the phone closer to the keyhole;
  • the interlocutor at the other end presses the open button and the machine is open.


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