Review of the best motor oils for VAZ - main points in choosing a lubricant, quality criteria and recommendations from car enthusiasts

AvtoVAZ is the largest manufacturer of passenger cars in Russia. The company was founded in 1966 and since then has gone through a number of stages of reform and restructuring.

In 2008, AvtoVAZ began cooperation with the French automaker Renault, and in 2014 the share of the Renault-Nissan concern exceeded 50% of the shares.

The cars produced by the company are designed primarily for domestic buyers; in addition, they are also sold in the CIS countries and are exported in small quantities to European countries.

Currently, throughout the country, the AvtoVAZ vehicle fleet consists of:

  1. Lada cars of our own design: Kalina family, Granta series, Priora generation, 4x4 SUV, Largus.
  2. Previously produced cars: VAZ 2101 - 2109, 2110 - 2115, 21123, 1111 (Oka).
  3. New models: Vesta sedan and XRAY as a city SUV.

Most AvtoVAZ cars are equipped with power units of their own production with different characteristics. In addition to the production of engines for mass-produced vehicles, the company produces spare parts for previously produced engines.

Recommended motor lubricant for Zhiguli

Engine oil is the most important factor that ensures high-quality and long-lasting operation of the power unit. To correctly select such a lubricant, each automaker recommends using a suitable lubricant that best matches the technical and design parameters of the engines of a given company.

In order for owners to know which oil is best to pour into the car engine, AvtoVAZ also established requirements for the use of certain motor lubricants. It is recommended to use oil for VAZ cars in accordance with the following parameters:

  1. For the VAZ 2101-07 model range, as well as the VAZ 2121 model, produced before 2000, it is best to use motor lubricant classified as “Standard” with the following indicators: SAE class: 5W-30/40, 10W-30/40 , 15W-30/40/50, 20W-30/40/50.
  2. According to API classification: SF (gasoline power units operating in difficult conditions and using unleaded gasoline as fuel).

Oils of this group for VAZ vehicles are produced on a mineral basis and are characterized by high anti-wear and anti-corrosion qualities, as well as resistance to the formation of various deposits and slags in the engine. The recommended interval for oil changes is 10 thousand km. When operating a car, primarily in urban conditions, it is recommended to reduce this interval to 7 thousand km.

  1. For cars that came off the assembly line after 2000 and for VAZ 1111, 2108 and 2110 models, regardless of the production date, you must choose oils classified as “Super”: By viscosity: 5W-30/40, 10W-30/40, 15W-40 , 20W-40.
  2. According to API requirements: SG (high-speed gasoline engines running on unleaded fuel with the use of oxidants) or SJ (modern gasoline engines, and this type of motor lubricant can replace all previously used types of oils).

Motor lubricating fluid of the “Super” category can be produced on a semi-synthetic and fully synthetic basis.

It is characterized by increased thermal stability, as well as improved antioxidant, cooling and anti-wear properties. AvtoVAZ recommends changing the specified category of lubricant after 15 thousand.

km, but if the car is operated in difficult winter conditions or on dusty roads, then the oil service life in this case must be reduced to 10 thousand km.

To fill the engines of VAZ cars, the plant usually uses semi-synthetic motor oil 5W-30 SJ produced by Rosneft. Therefore, during the warranty period it is necessary to use this type of oil. It is also not recommended to replace the lubricant in the engine yourself, as this will lead to loss of warranty service.

Oil for VAZ with high mileage

Despite the appearance of new modern cars in Russia, in rural areas, as well as in small towns and villages of our country, you can still find quite a lot of VAZ cars of old models that have already been discontinued. Thanks to good maintainability and the availability of spare parts, they continue to be used. At the same time, for many car owners, the question periodically arises of what kind of oil to fill in a car with high mileage.

For power units of domestic cars, mileage starting from 100 thousand km is considered significant, in contrast to most engines of foreign cars, where such a period starts from 200 thousand km and above.

Any used motor has sufficient wear and slagging.

Therefore, it is recommended to pour oil with a higher viscosity into the engine of a VAZ car with significant mileage (for example: instead of 10W-30, you can use 10W-40).

By following the recommendations of AvtoVAZ, as well as knowing what kind of oil to pour into your car’s engine, observing the frequency of changing the engine fluid, it is possible to ensure not only the correct current operation of the engine, but also to guarantee a long, reliable period of its operation.


Recommendations for choosing oil for the VAZ-2110 car engine

The question of what kind of oil to pour into the VAZ-2110 engine, which is equipped with an 8-valve injector, is asked by many car owners, especially beginners. Synthetic or mineral water? ZIC or Castrol, Mobil or Shell? There is no exact answer, “to each his own.” However, in this article we will make a compelling case about the lubricants that are worth using.

Key points when choosing a lubricant

When choosing oil for the VAZ-2110, you should pay attention to:

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  • seasonality (winter, summer or all-season);
  • viscosity;
  • vehicle make;
  • composition of the lubricant (semi-synthetic, mineral or synthetic).

If in the case of “advanced” drivers (with experience), as a rule, no problems arise, they clearly know what they need, then troubles often happen with beginners - they buy the lubricant that the seller advises (often to their advantage ).

The modern market provides various oils, for example: 5W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40 and so on.

Choosing a motor lubricant manufacturer

The market provides quite a wide choice. Based on the results of numerous studies, we provide the “top 3” oils from the best manufacturers that you should pay attention to:

  1. Motul 8100 X-clean 5W40 4 l. Guarantees complete cleanliness of the motor, as well as its individual elements. It hardens at a temperature not lower than -40 degrees Celsius.
  2. Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation 5W-40 4 l. An interesting advantage of this material: the possibility of saving fuel up to 4%. Suitable for year-round use. At the same time, it extends the service life of the vehicle by effectively combating deposits. Ensures smooth and precise operation of the motor. The only negative is the price, it is quite high.
  3. Castrol Edge 5W-40 4 l. This lubricant uses titanium compounds, which have a more than high level of resistance. In addition to performing its main functions, the oil has a beneficial effect on the engine, that is, it contributes to the full disclosure of its full potential. No delays! When you press the gas pedal, you will feel the smooth operation of the engine. Distinctive feature: positive effect on acceleration dynamics. The disadvantages include a change in the sound of the engine.

It is also worth paying attention to lubricants from Lukoil, Mobil, Shell or ZIC. According to statistics, the lubricants of these companies are not consumed and do not cause problems both in the winter and in the summer.

Additional oils for the VAZ Seven

It is necessary to regularly change the oil not only in the engine, but also in other parts of the car.

For transmission

According to the recommendations, a lubricant with the following parameters is suitable:

  • viscosity 80W-85, 85W-90 or 75W-90;

In the box

Transmission oil must be filled into the VAZ 2107 gearbox.

The following brands can be used:

It is necessary to check the lubricant level every 20 thousand km.

To the bridge

For the axle, transmission lubricants with a viscosity of 75W-90 should be used. You need 1.5 liters of product. The best brands, according to reviews from owners, can be considered Lukoil and Castrol.

To the carburetor

Until 2004, VAZ 2107 cars were produced with a carburetor. For such cars, more viscous oils should be used, starting from 5W40. Moreover, they must have an API class from SG to SJ.

Despite the widespread belief that older cars are less demanding on the quality of motor lubricant, experienced car owners recommend using synthetic products. This is due to the fact that they are more suitable for the conditions of Russian winters.

The plant’s approvals allow the pouring of both mineral and hydrocracking oil if they are suitable in quality and viscosity class.

What kind of oil to fill in the engine of VAZ Lada cars

    The first thing a new car owner has to deal with is finding out what technical fluids are in the car and how soon they should be replaced. The engine is considered the main unit, so most often they start with motor oil. Let us recall that AvtoVAZ installs the same type of power units on its models, so recommendations on the topic “what oil to fill in the engine” will be the same for all modern Lada cars (Granta, Priora, Kalina, Largus , Niva, Vesta or XRAY).AvtoVAZ installs the following engines on Lada cars:
VAZ-21114 or VAZ-111831,68183,5Granta and Kalina
VAZ-21116/11186/111891,68783,5Granta, Kalina 2 and Priora, Largus
VAZ-211261,698163.2 (2.9)* Manual 4.4 (4.1)* AMTPriora, Kalina, Granta and Kalina 2
VAZ-211271,6106163,5Priora, Kalina 2, Granta
VAZ-21126-771,6118163,5Granta Sport
VAZ 111941,489163,5Kalina
VAZ 211291,6106163,2 (2,9)* (1)4,4 (4,1)* (2)Vesta, Lada XRAY
VAZ 212141,78183,75Niva 4x4

* - when changing the oil (with replacing the oil filter) (1) - stamped oil sump (AMT)(2) - cast oil sump (manual transmission)

We select Niva 4x4 engine oil in a separate article.

What motor oils are recommended by AvtoVAZ? If you open the Operating Manual for the car and its modifications, not the latest edition, you can find table No. 2 “Motor oils”. Comparing them for different Lada cars, you can understand that AvtoVAZ recommends the same motor oils for Lada Granta/Kalina/Priora engines.

For Lada Vesta, AvtoVAZ recommends using Rosneft brand motor oil, API class SL, SM or SN.

What brand of oil does the Lada come from the factory? Sometimes information about the filled engine oil is indicated on a tag under the hood. Most often, AvtoVAZ fills with Lukoil semi-synthetic/mineral motor oil. During maintenance, the manufacturer fills in ROSNEFT 5W-30 motor oil (semi-synthetic). You can add ROSNEFT Premium or ROSNEFT Maximum 5W-40 or 10W-40. Or Lukoil Genesis RN 5W-40.

determine the viscosity of engine oil using the following table:

Minimum engine cold start temperature, CL Viscosity class according to SAE J 300 Maximum ambient temperature

Below -350W-3025
Below -350W-4030

How to determine the composition of motor oil? To answer this question, we conducted surveys among owners of Lada Grant, Lada Kalina and Lada Priora, asking them to answer the question “What oil composition do you use in your car?” as a result, we received approximately the same results:

What brand of oil do you use? The next polls and very similar results:

The survey below will help you finally decide on the choice of engine oil. Take part in our survey and discussions.

Let us remind you that the website contains instructions for changing engine oil, as well as recommendations on which engine oil is best to choose based on viscosity and composition.

By the way, the Lada Vesta is also equipped with an HR16 engine; read recommendations on choosing lubricants for it here. For Lada Largus with Renault K4M or K7M engine here.

Source: https://xn--80aal0a.xn--80asehdb/car-description/reviews/lada-vesta-reviews/405-kakoe-maslo-zalivat-v-dvigatel-lada-granta-priora-kalina.html

Lada Vesta engines

The Lada Vesta sedan has been produced by AvtoVAZ since the fall of 2015, and since 2017 a station wagon and an “off-road” version of the Cross have been produced.

The car is equipped with two types of power units - a 16-valve 1.6L petrol engine (VAZ-21129, 106 horsepower) and a 1.8L engine (VAZ-21179, 122 hp). The 1.6-liter internal combustion engine is the basic and most typical engine for Vesta.

Which engine oil to choose for VAZ 2110, review of the best options

Any replacement of engine lubrication requires the installation of a new oil filter. Therefore, when choosing a particular liquid, special attention should be paid to replacing the filter. Motor oils for all types of cars can be divided into three groups: synthetic, mineral or semi-synthetic base.

When making a choice in favor of one oil or another, you should take into account some characteristics of the car. If the engine system is in perfect condition and uses a small amount of oil during operation, then it is recommended to fill it with synthetics. Replacement is carried out according to the regulations, and the pressure in the cylinders must be stable. Otherwise, you will have to choose a different type of lubricant.

If the engine in the Lada Sedan 2110 has low mileage, then you can easily use semi-synthetic or mineral-based compounds. Because they are characterized by viscosity and are not consumed so quickly during internal combustion engine operation.

Original oil from TOTAL

High-quality TOTAL 9000 lubricant is made on the basis of artificial substances. This is an excellent choice for off-season operation of the engine in difficult climatic conditions.

It is also suitable for normal city driving with regular traffic jams, when the engine idles and wears out a lot. The oil can also be used for fast driving.

The additives used prevent the formation of deposits, thereby reliably protecting the main engine parts.

TOTAL automobile oil has antioxidant properties, which ensures its stable performance even when driving over long distances. Thanks to good fluidity, the engine starts even in severe frost. Therefore, TOTAL recommends this brand of automotive lubricant for Lada.

TOTAL 700 10W40

High quality product from the TOTAL brand. The oil, made on the basis of artificial substances, meets international quality standards. Perfectly protects the engine from severe wear and tear during regular use of the vehicle. Thanks to its effective dispersing properties, the motor is kept clean and tidy.

High viscosity provides oxidation resistance. Therefore, TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 motor lubricant is especially popular with the Lada 2110 line of vehicles with 8 and 16 valves in the engine.

Basic components needed for an oil change

To perform basic replacement work, you will need the following tools:

  • spanners;
  • napkins or regular rags;
  • a small tank for draining waste;
  • special key for removing the filter.

Application area

Like any other motor oil, Lukoil Super is intended for internal combustion engines all year round. Its versatility allows it to be used in engines running on gasoline, diesel fuel or gas.

In addition, it does not matter to him what type of engine: naturally aspirated, turbocharged, particulate filters, low-speed, etc.

Allows use in cars of the following classes: passenger car, SUV, minivan, bus, truck, commercial or special (forklift, tractor, crane) transport.

Of course, all Lukoil products are primarily designed for domestic equipment. But modern technologies make it possible to use it in any units produced by well-known global manufacturers.

Copes well with heavy engine work. As a rule, this is due to high loads and strong temperature changes (Conditions of the Far North). Indispensable for off-road use, as well as for high power applications.

Suitable for mixed use of the car: country trips, fishing or hunting. Driving around the city is the most destructive mode for the engine. Frequent stops at traffic lights and in traffic jams cause oil to drain into the crankcase. Due to good fluidity and protective properties, the parts still remain protected.

When pouring oil into the VAZ 2112 engine, it should be washed first. Any washing liquid is suitable for this. Do not forget that it is necessary to change the oil filter. Before installation, it is recommended to pour a small amount of oil into it.

The Volzhsky manufacturer advises changing the engine oil in tenth series models every 12,000 kilometers. Taking into account operating conditions and temperature conditions, it is better to do this at a mileage of 7,000 to 10,000 km.

What oil is better to fill in the 8-valve Lada Granta engine?

The Lada Granta is equipped with engines that are exactly the same as those on the Priora and Kalina. Therefore, when choosing oil, you can be guided by the advice of these car owners.

There are three 8-valve engines on the Lada Granta: 82 hp. (index 11183, valves do not bend) and 87 hp. (index 11186, 21116, valve bends).

  • Engine 11183 (82 hp)
  • Engine 21116 (87 hp)

Choosing engine oil wisely

When choosing an oil, the most important thing is not to make a mistake and select it strictly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The picture below shows the factory's recommendations (excerpt from the service book).

  • Engine oil table (first sheet)
  • Engine oil table (second sheet)

Why? They didn't pay for advertising? By the way, for a 16-valve engine, which is not discussed in this article, the instruction manual for the Lada Priora car contains these oils.

By the way, many car owners try to fill in the oil that was filled in from the factory.

Opinion of Grantovodov

What do the owners of this car themselves think?

Opinions were divided. Some still do not trust the domestic manufacturer, while others, on the contrary, are inclined to believe that there is no need to overpay for a foreign brand. Opinions about the choice of oil were divided even among owners of 16-valve engines.

There should be no problems with purchasing other domestic oils; they are presented in most auto stores and are in demand due to their low cost.

List of motor oils with reviews

MOBIL SUPER 3000 5W40Completely satisfied, practically no oil consumption.
LUKOIL-LUX 5W40Good oil, practically no consumption, the engine runs smoothly and without problems. There is at least some kind of guarantee when purchasing at Lukoil branded gas stations.
ESSO Ultron 5W40 (synthetic)When I bought it, they were afraid that the engine seals would be squeezed out. But I had poured the same oil into classics before, there were no problems, the mileage was more than 150 thousand km without capital, the engine practically did not take oil. In winter, it will be easier for the engine to start in cold weather. I change it every 10 thousand km.
Shell Helix HX7 10W-40 (semi-synthetic)Good oil. This is not the first time I have used it in my car, there have been no problems. I buy from a specialized SHELL car oil store.
ELF 10W-40 (semi-synthetic)I use the same oil, only synthetic, in my Renault company car, which already has over 200,000 km on it. It’s not for nothing that Renault recommends only this, a good oil.
ELF Competition STI 10W-40Good oil. I filled it up immediately at the first zero maintenance, there were no problems with the engine, the mileage is more than 70 thousand kilometers. I recommend.
Castrol (any)I sell oils, I can say that Castrol is now the very first in the ranking for fakes. If you buy a good one, then it will not cause you problems, if it is a fake, then at least it will burn out, at most, you will shorten the service life of your engine. If Castrol, then synthetics are better!

Synthetic or semi-synthetic

Currently there is a very extensive selection of oils

The manufacturer recommends only semi-synthetics. However, some car owners use synthetic oil, since it makes it easier for the engine to start in severe frost.

Pros of synthetic oil

  1. they are less affected by changes in external temperature;
  2. they have better fluidity at low temperatures; the lower the temperature, the better this ratio is compared to semi-synthetics;
  3. they have fewer additives in their composition, since most additives are synthesized at the time of production;
  4. Since the oil is completely synthetic, it was possible to achieve better anti-friction properties.
  5. due to better lubricating properties, friction is reduced, due to this the engine life should increase and fuel consumption should decrease.

Even though synthetic oil has better consumer qualities, it is still necessary to carefully monitor engine operation (vibration, speed, operating temperature (by the way, what is the operating temperature of an 8-valve engine?).


Correct selection of lubricants

First of all, before making a selection, it is important to decide what type of lubricant is best for your car. Engine lubricants are provided to the consumer in three categories: synthetic, mineral and semi-synthetic.

It is generally accepted that synthetic oil is an example of quality that is suitable for any engine and will cope with its functional tasks as well as possible. And indeed this is almost always the case when it comes to modern engines of new modifications. In situations where a car oil is selected for a worn-out engine, or the manufacturer recommends the use of a mineral or semi-synthetic lubricant from the factory, synthetics may not only fail to fulfill their tasks, but also significantly affect the functionality and operational period of the power unit in the direction of worsening the criteria. Old VAZ models that came off the assembly line before 1990 are equipped with rubber sealing components that are exposed to synthetic ingredients and subject to deformation, which will negatively affect the performance of the engine.

For new vehicle models, synthetics are indeed recommended, however, again, you should be guided solely by the regulations. If the manufacturer advises using only semi-synthetic lubricant for a specific car model, then purchasing synthetics in this case will simply be throwing money away. In addition, according to the advice of professionals, switching to mineral lubricants will be justified if the car has a mileage of more than two hundred thousand kilometers. When selecting a car oil, you should additionally focus on the price criteria of the lubricant: the engine of even old Zhiguli cars will react negatively to low-quality cheap lubricant. Preference should be given to oils of the middle category in terms of price. In the user manual, the manufacturer always indicates the recommended engine oil quality standards, as well as the names of motor oils that are approved for use in a specific car model.

And then the most interesting thing: to understand the markings and not everyone understands the specifications that are indicated on the labels of the products offered, and for owners of old cars to also choose an alternative option from the modern assortment, taking into account the technological data of lubricants, since if the car is out of production, find a “original” » lubricating the motor is almost impossible.

How to choose engine oil for VAZ

Everyone knows how important it is to fill in good oil. Engine wear directly depends on the quality of the oil; the worse the oil, the more susceptible the moving parts of the engine are to wear. There are many offers of different motor oils on the market from a large number of brands.

In addition to the manufacturer, each oil has viscosity characteristics that affect its performance properties. There are also three types of oils - mineral (naphthenic), semi-synthetic and synthetic.

Mineral oils are made by distilling and refining petroleum. They are characterized by high viscosity and are mainly used on old car models and worn-out engines.

Synthetic motor oils are made using chemical synthesis of molecular compounds. They have a higher evaporation temperature, which allows them to maintain their properties while the engine is under extreme loads. Finally, there are semi-synthetic oils, which are a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils.

When choosing a particular type of oil for a VAZ, you should first of all focus on the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also worth considering the fact that synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils may contain active additives.

These additives can be destructive to gaskets and seals on older vehicles, as they may be made from materials with poor chemical resistance. Accordingly, pouring synthetic oil into the engine of an old “penny” is not only unprofitable, but also dangerous.

The main criteria for choosing a motor oil

Choosing the most suitable engine fluid is a difficult task not only for owners of domestically produced cars, but also for any consumer. The task is complicated by the huge range of lubricants on the market and their technological characteristics, which may be perfectly suitable for one model of machine and be strictly contraindicated for another.

When choosing oil for a VAZ, it is important to follow the instructions from the car manufacturer, taking into account the following criteria, which can significantly affect the choice:

  • vehicle model, taking into account its year of manufacture and engine modification;
  • wear and tear of the power unit, which is determined by the mileage traveled by the car, driving style and the degree of load on it;
  • climatic operating conditions.

These factors, taking into account the manufacturer’s regulations, determine the final choice of motor fluid. Let's consider how to make the correct and rational selection of a lubricating emulsion for the engine of your vehicle.

What oil is better to pour into a VAZ engine

Any car enthusiast knows perfectly well that to operate his vehicle, he needs not only fuel, but also oil.

Unfortunately, power unit manufacturers do not make their products according to any general standard, so owners of different car models sometimes have to face the difficulty of choosing this very important fluid.

For example, what kind of oil is best to pour into a VAZ engine, given the diversity of the model range of this Russian company?

Choosing engine oil for the VAZ family

Fortunately, experienced car owners are always ready to share information about what kind of oil to pour into the engine of a particular model. To do this, just go to the Internet and find one of the thematic forums on this topic.

If we summarize all this information, we can create a very useful list that answers the question of what oil to pour into the engine of an AvtoVAZ family car:

  1. VAZ 2106. It is recommended to use semi-synthetics from Lukoil. If you have the opportunity to spend extra, then you can opt for analogues from Castrol or Shell.
  2. VAZ 2107. Experienced car enthusiasts advise taking synthetics from Castrol, Total or Motul 10w40.
  3. VAZ 2109. It is advisable to pour oil into the engine of such a car of fairly good quality. For example, you can purchase a luxury version from Lukoil 5w40.
  4. VAZ 21099. The right choice would be semi-synthetic motor oils from Lukoil or Shell.
  5. VAZ 2110. Good reviews about semi-synthetic Ravenol TSI 10W40.
  6. VAZ 2112. Many people recommend filling this model with Chevron 5w40 or Castrol 10w40.
  7. VAZ 2114. In this option, many people prefer to use MOTUL 10w40 - an oil that has long proven its effectiveness.
  8. VAZ 2115. There is a very large choice here. You can buy products from domestic Lukoil, choose oils from Mobil, Castrol, Elf, and so on.

Reviews from car owners

On specialized, thematic Internet forums, you can always not only ask a very important question, but also read numerous reviews from car owners who have already repeatedly used one or another version of motor oil in their lives, and therefore can tell about the result of use.

It should be understood that the use of an unsuitable product may result in malfunction of the power unit. Repairing a car engine is quite an expensive proposition. Therefore, it is better to initially make sure that you make the right choice than to act at random and strive to get even minimal benefits when it comes to changing the oil in your vehicle.


Let's sum it up

Domestic VAZ cars, no less than foreign ones, need proper and high-quality care to extend their performance characteristics. When choosing engine oil for your car, it is important to first of all follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer and choose the best option according to the stated requirements. In this case, be sure to take into account the climatic conditions in which the car will be operated and the degree of load on the power unit: depending on these criteria, the viscosity coefficient of the products required for the engine varies. Do not skimp on car oil, regardless of the condition, whether you are the owner of an old “penny” or a new Vesta - this can result in serious problems with the engine. Make replacements in a timely manner, and your car will serve you reliably for many years.

Motor oil for vases

There are many brands of motor oils, and it is impossible to single out the best oil for a car among them. Every car owner has his own opinion about which engine oil is best. But it is possible to identify leaders.

When choosing engine oil, you should pay attention to:

  1. Engine oil viscosity (SAE)
  2. Seasonality (oil for winter, summer or all-season)
  3. Composition of motor oil (synthetic, mineral or semi-synthetic oil)
  4. Car make (in this case, oil survey for VAZ 2110)

This is discussed in the article on choosing engine oil for a car.

While it is not difficult for an experienced driver to choose oil for a VAZ 2110-12 based on these parameters, it is very difficult for a beginner to decide, and they often buy the motor oil that the seller recommends.

The manufacturer recommends using motor oils with API, SG, SH, SJ quality levels. The viscosity of the oil is selected based on the ambient temperature:

  • from -15°С to +45°С – SAE 15W-40
  • from -20°С to +30°С – SAE 10W-30
  • from -20°С to +35°С – SAE 10W-40
  • from -25°С to +20°С – SAE 5W-30
  • from -25°С to +35°С – SAE 5W-40

To change the oil you will need 3.5 liters. oils

Let's find out the leaders of motor oils, how long it takes to change the oil on a VAZ 2110 and which oil composition is preferable. Motor oil test heating test: Another friction test:

Volume measured in practice

So, in practice, the owners of the “twelfth” model found that when changing the oil, approximately 3.7 liters will be required. The manufacturer recommends using 3.5 liters. The waste comes out to about 2.5 liters. You need to drain it for at least 30 minutes, and better yet, even longer. In addition, you should pour it in portions, 1 liter at a time, taking breaks of 5 minutes. This is the best option in which there will be no air left in the crankcase and the oil distribution will be the best.

You may immediately be able to fill in less, about 2.5 liters in total. After a few kilometers traveled, a new air cavity is formed. Then you will need to add more oil up to the neck.

Read more: Front brakes VAZ 21099

As already mentioned, oil is poured into the filter separately. It is recommended to clean the part before doing this or, if necessary, replace it completely. Fortunately, the cost of a new one is quite low.

In 21124, the oil volume is slightly larger than that of the standard “twelfth” model. Oil consumption for every 1000 km is also slightly higher, about 50 ml.

What oil and what viscosity should I use? Optimal options:

When using the first option, the viscosity will maintain normal compression, and, according to reviews, the engine starts normally with it in frosty weather, when the ambient temperature drops to -10°C.

It is advisable to also flush the engine while changing the oil. For this purpose, special “five-minute” mixtures are produced. Simply fill them under pressure and drain them a few minutes later. There is no need to start a VAZ. If you start the engine, this cleaning mixture will get into the cylinders - this is bad. For decoking, other cleaning methods are used.

The filter can be cleaned in the same way, or you can simply replace the filter core. It is advisable to completely change it after 20-30 thousand kilometers. This takes into account the quality of the fuel used and its additives. They leave much to be desired. When cleaning the system, you can also use flushing oil. Fill it up for several hours and operate the car in its usual mode. After 10-20 km, drain the oil and fill it with the required viscosity.

Lada Kalina Hatchback 103 kW / MT › Logbook › Oil for VAZ engine (124-127), choose according to the book.

ATTENTION! 18+The article contains copy-paste from various sources: oil-clubZaRulemnewchemistry

Then with negative and positive temperatures.

That is, if you want to ensure reliable starting and operation of the engine without damaging the latter, then:

At -30 (start up to -35 is possible), select 0w-40 oil. At -25 (start up to -30 possible), select 5w-40 oil. At -20 (start up to -25 possible), select 10w-40 oil.

More precisely, you need to look at the freezing temperature of a particular oil (Look at the Pour Point, C parameter and subtract 7 - 10 g from the indicated temperature and get the approximate pumpability temperature).

There is nothing wrong if you pour oil from the same manufacturer in winter with a viscosity of 0w-40 in winter and 5w-40 in summer (5w-40 in winter, 10w-40 in summer). This operating mode is not a reason to flush the engine at every oil change.

Step two - we deal with ACEA:

These are the requirements that oils for VAZ engines must meet according to ACEA: ACEA A3B3 and ACEA A3B4. We will leave the rest to the owners of foreign cars.

(Here I’ll add on my own! Fortunately or unfortunately, the following tolerances may be specified for oil with a viscosity of 10W-40:

Daimler MB-Approval 229.1 and 229.3 Volkswagen VW50200 VW50101 VW50500

For oil with a viscosity of 5W-40, the following tolerances may be specified:

Daimler MB-Approval 229.3 and 229.5Volkswagen VW50200 VW50500GM / Opel LonglifeBMW Longlife 01Porsche

Let’s visually compare API, ACEA, manufacturer approvals and make sure that these are not just letters:

So, when comparing, it is immediately clear that the requirements of the API SJ-SL-SM standards are the most modest. And the most stringent requirements are for Daimler MB-Approval 229.5

I strongly recommend that you follow the links and see with your own eyes whether the oil you are choosing has at least one real approval. Keep in mind that if the name of the oil differs in at least one word, in a different viscosity, in at least one letter, it is a different product. Vasya Petrov cannot live on Petya Vasin’s passport, and vice versa. There is at least one allowance - you can take oil. No - you are buying a pig in a poke.

Step three - towards classification by API.

Currently there are classes: SJ, SL and SM. Let's not worry about it. All specified classes are suitable for VAZ engines.

You can check the availability of the certificate HERE by selecting your viscosity.

Note: the API certificate (like AvtoVAZ - for 2 years, Volkswagen - 3 years, Daimler Mercedes-Benz - 5 years) is issued for a limited period of time, during which the manufacturer does not have the right to change the composition of the oil without the approval of the body that issued the certificate of conformity . That is, if there was once a certificate for the oil, then the oil may have a different composition of the base and additives. API certification is mandatory only in America, but if it is obtained for an oil from a European line, the oil can be taken.

Step four - we understand the performance characteristics of the oil.

Desirable oil characteristics for operation in Russia:

For oils with viscosity: 0w-40, 5w-40, 10w-40. And due to the difficulty in understanding the quality requirements by officials from AvtoVAZ, I recommend using 40.

Viscosity, mm2/s @ 100 єC - from 13 to 15.5 (kinematic viscosity at 100°C)

Viscosity, mm2/s @ 40 єC - from 70 to 95. (kinematic viscosity at 40°C)

Viscosity Index - 160. Higher is better. (viscosity index)

Viscosity, mPa.s -30 (-25) єC — 6200 at -35 for 0w-40, 6600 at -30 for 5w-40, 7000 at -25 for 10w-40. Less is better (viscosity at sub-zero temperatures)

Sulphated Ash, wt. % - 1.3. Not lower than 0.8, not higher than 1.5 (sulfated ash)

TAN; mg KOH/g – no more than 2.5 (acid number)

TBN; mg KOH/g - from 8 to 12. More is better. If the value is 6 - 7, then we shorten the interval. (alkaline number)

Pour Point, єC – from -30. Lower is better. (pour point)

Flash Point, COC, єC - from 220. More is better. (flash point)

Noack Evaporation wt% - not higher than 13. Less is better (volatility, evaporation)

HTHS – ≥3.5.(high temperature shear viscosity)

Step five - mineral water, semi-synthetic or synthetic.

Let's briefly look at what is hidden under these concepts and consider the groups of base oils by API:

Recommendations for viscosity grades depending on ambient temperature

The manufacturer of this VAZ-2110 recommends using lubricants that meet the quality: SG, API, SJ, and SH. Which oil to pour into the engine of a VAZ-2110 should be chosen based on the temperature conditions of the environment where the vehicle is operated:

  • from -15 to +45 degrees Celsius, 15W-40 lubricant is suitable;
  • at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius and above 35, it is recommended to use 5W-40;
  • at temperatures from minus 20 to plus 30 degrees Celsius, give your preference to 10W-30 oil;
  • at temperatures from -20 to +35 degrees Celsius, you need to choose 10W-40 lubricant;
  • from minus 25 degrees outside the window to plus 20 degrees Celsius, it is advisable to choose 5W-30 lubricant.

To completely replace the lubricant in this car, you will need only 3.5 liters of oil.

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