Error Code P0363 – Misfire Detected – Fuel Cut Off

Lada Granta error code 1302

Along with error P0363, you can also observe the following error codes P1301, P1302, P1303, P1304 - these codes indicate in which cylinder(s) 1, 2, 3 or 4, respectively, misfire occurred.
The automatic system analyzes the speed and uniformity of rotation of the crankshaft and, if anomalies are detected, records the necessary error in the log. Also, in some situations, the fuel supply to those cylinders in which the problem has arisen is turned off in order to protect the engine and its components from negative effects.

Diagnosis of error P0363 (P1301, P1302, P1303, P1304) and related faults at an authorized dealer:

A diagnostic device is connected to the client's car, the ignition is turned on and the car engine starts. Then you need to go to the “Signal Monitoring” section and try to reproduce the conditions under which the error code appears. If error codes are recorded, proceed to check the compression and valve timing. In most cases, after checking and troubleshooting, the error goes away and the car's operation returns to normal. However, if after the work the errors continue to be recorded, they begin checking the fuel supply system.

If checking the fuel supply system does not reveal any abnormalities, there remains one component that may harbor a misfire problem - the intake system, which must be checked for air leaks.

What can cause "triple"?

The causes of the described malfunction can be very different.

To reliably install them, you must first find the faulty cylinder. It is recommended to start such a search from the very moment when it was discovered that the check engine light was on. At least, such recommendations are given by the manufacturer who installed an automatic fault warning system on the car.

The search procedure is quite simple. To do this, it is enough to disconnect the power tips from the spark plugs one by one. As a result of this alternate shutdown, it is possible to determine the inoperative cylinder by the sound of the engine. If the sound of the engine has changed, this means that the culprit of the “triple” has been detected.

If the check light on Kalina is on and computer diagnostics of the engine is carried out, the faulty cylinder will be indicated by the computer. At the same time, this diagnostic method can also help to establish the initial causes that led to its malfunction. They could be the following:

In this case, the main malfunction leading to the fact that one of the cylinders becomes inoperable is considered to be the failure of the spark plugs. A sign of this may be the fact that Kalina’s engine does not warm up well, especially in the morning.

In addition, it is always worth making sure that when operating a car, only those spark plugs that are recommended by the manufacturer are used. This can extend the life of the engine for a very long time.

Errors P0363, P1302, P0327. SOLVED!

Before I had time to be happy with the purchase, I began to notice that in the mornings (and not only), when I started the car after parking (the car will sit for a long time and completely cool down), when warming up, when the speed approached 1200-1100, it began to flash

“Jackie Chan” and after that
the 2nd cylinder was turned off
and the engine failed.
After reading the errors, I saw that they were errors P0363
This only happened when it was cold and after warming up everything disappeared
, but as soon as the car cooled down completely, the “Chan” blinked while warming up.

After digging through the entire Internet, I found the reasons for this phenomenon:

— Malfunction of spark plugs — Malfunction of explosive wires. — Malfunction of the ignition module — Malfunction of the gasoline injector — Valves not adjusted — Filled with coolant. liquid or faulty ECU

On the ECU (as can be seen from the last post), I stopped thinking. The nozzle was confusing, but I didn’t think about it, because... the rest of the time the car worked properly and there was not even a hint of the injector. I unscrewed the spark plugs from the 2nd and 3rd cylinders and swapped them, I also pulled out the 2nd and 4th wires and swapped the spark plugs and ignition module. I was waiting for the error to go away (if it was in the spark plugs, then in the 3rd cylinder, if it was a wire, then in the 4th), but the error remained on the 2nd cylinder. Next, I had a used ignition module, I replaced it (many in such a situation solved this problem by replacing the ignition module), but the error remained.

The valves remained... especially since the engine worked like a tractor and it was necessary to adjust them.

There were also thoughts that it was still an injector or an ECU malfunction...

I took it to the service center and they adjusted the valves for me, and OH A MIRACLE!, there have been no errors for 2 days. Maybe this post will be useful to someone! Thank you all and drive!

Z.Y.: This is also why the knock sensor was drizzling (error P0327



How to Troubleshoot or Reset Trouble Code P0363

Some suggested steps to troubleshoot and fix error code P0363:

Diagnosis and problem solving

This malfunction can be detected by using a special diagnostic device. It indicates that one of the cylinders in the engine is faulty, misfire occurs, and, as a result, the fuel supply to it has stopped.

Note: most modern cars are equipped with a control system that automatically stops supplying fuel to the cylinder if there is even the slightest problem.

In this regard, it would be useful to mention error P1304, which means that in a particular cylinder (in this case the fourth) there is an ignition delay, and this is critical for the converter.

Quite often, along with errors P0363 and 1304, another one may appear - P0300, which indicates that the threshold of exhaust toxicity due to misfire is very high. And this is a rather dangerous problem.

Error P1302 and P0363. Replacing spark plugs and ignition coils in the 2nd pot =)

In general, these are the things, in the morning we warmed up the car and suddenly: - the engine started up - the check came out - uneven exhaust - the speed fluctuates a little - the car stalls

I'm terrified what to do O_O

Sorry for the bad emotions =). I made diagnostics using OBD II.

Error P1302 and P0363

We left the car as is and went to work. I rummaged around on the Internet and found the information that everyone writes 100% that the ignition coil is dead! And then I thought hmm. The mileage is 39 thousand, have the spark plugs in the car been changed at all? Because I am the second owner and somehow forgot about them that they are consumables =)

I didn’t buy new spark plugs because the previous owner left them for me as a gift =) I tried to change the spark plugs, but I couldn’t unscrew the bolt that holds the coil, not a single head fit from the standard set, you need TORX E8 (1/4). ATTENTION, don’t even try to rip them off with standard heads... then screw... look for this bolt =)

The next day came, but I was already fully prepared! =) Bought:

I didn’t bother to do a video on how to unscrew the spark plugs, I found it on the Internet

I started it up and everything started working fine, I thought, oh well, let the new ignition coil be in stock. My wife and I went to work the next day, I thought, well, it was cool, it was all about the spark plugs, I rolled 39 thousand on the factory ones, and then after 2 km you again have the same situation and the same errors, took out a new ignition coil and replaced it in the second cylinder. Started it up and ufff, well, finally everything is good =)

After the replacement, I checked the dead coil, using this instruction from ld-s I found out that the second winding of the ignition coil had died.

And yet, comrades, in order not to end up replacing the coil, change the spark plugs on time! =)

P/S: By the way, everyone writes that it’s better to buy BOSH coils and not Russian fantastic ones =) But to be honest, it’s a shame for me to buy 1 BOSH coil for 1750 rubles O_o

from record dia2 The manufacturer's marking can be determined by the last digits: 10 - BOSCH 11 - Itelma 12 - Stary Oskol (I had the factory one) 13 - Novosibirsk (bought in a store)

After a month of operation: there were occasional drops in speed and slight vibration in the body. All the coils rang, the second winding was broken and the new coil was broken (i.e. defective). Conclusion: don’t waste your time on the BOSH reel! Now I understand SOLIKAMCK’s comment “it’s better to install the Bosch and forget ours will drink more blood for you”

Let's sum it up

In a modern car, which can also be considered the Lada Kalina, most systems are equipped with sensors with the help of which the on-board module carries out control. If the check light is on, this indicates that a certain type of malfunction has occurred. The cause is found using a diagnostic device. Sometimes the problem when the check light is on requires the connection of more complex scanning equipment to identify the breakdown. In any case, to prevent malfunctions, it is necessary to perform regular diagnostic inspections, which will avoid premature failure of expensive components. Answering the question of how to reset a check, the answer is obvious: it is necessary to diagnose the malfunction and eliminate it.

A fairly common malfunction is unstable operation of the engine in idle mode, during so-called throttle changes, and also when the speed while driving is low. In this case, the driver begins to feel increased vibrations on the steering wheel, gearshift lever and body.

In other words, the car shakes a little because the engine is shaking. In fact, the concept of “troubling the engine” should be understood that one or more cylinders do not work, that is, the fuel-air mixture in them does not ignite, does not ignite in a timely manner, or the combustion of the charge does not occur in full.

Moreover, if the speed is increased to XX or when the engine is under load (while driving), the operation of the power unit is normalized, the engine twitching disappears, the engine runs smoothly and stably. Next, we will look at why the engine stalls at idle and what the driver should do in such a situation.


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Here's what to do if the spark plugs are changed back (to maintenance) When the problem arose for the first time, they changed the coil in the second cylinder, but after 3 days the problem came out again - they cleaned all the injectors, replaced the fuel filter, but after 3 days the same problem again...

does the CHECK appear on the dashboard?

Yes, it appears when starting it cold and warming up for a couple of minutes and there it is. I turned it off, started it, and it seemed to be running fine. It started even without checks, it just started and stalled right away, there were still frosts (automatic start), it started again normally. Then it started to start and stalled not immediately, but after some time (also with autostart) it was back to normal. Then I started it with the key - and saw a check; when I start it again, it disappears. The check came out about 10 minutes later, everything was fine again. And it simply stalled in traffic. Well, here’s the fun part - The tidy allows you to connect an external temperature sensor, but of course I don’t have one, and I was very surprised. There are two options - either -40 or points

1) Regarding the temperature sensor, not all trim levels have it. Buy and connect) What is the error number?

2) Regarding the stalling, this is a jamb of the factory firmware, specifically for Grants with automatic transmission. Here is an excerpt from the Za Rulem magazine article “The same Jatco JF414E automatic machine works on the Grant and the mi-DO hatchback. The editorial mi-DO made me suffer: sometimes when braking or even in leisurely walking mode, the engine suddenly stalled. To restart it, it was necessary to put the machine into “parking”, and this can only be done by stopping completely! The reason for the vagaries lay in the fact that initially the engine calibrations were calculated for the version with a manual transmission, but for a car with an automatic transmission they were not the best fit: the mechanical losses of the transmission were not taken into account, which are much higher in hydromechanics. ————-We managed to push through solution to the problem at the factory level: a diagnostic unit was installed in the editorial car, which we drove with for several months. Decryption made it possible to catch errors, and mi-DO received new firmware for the engine control unit. Now this program has gone into series: with its appearance, other unpleasant symptoms of automatic Datsuns have disappeared. The engine speed no longer drops during heavy braking, and the cramps that shook the car when the air conditioning was turned on have disappeared.”

Sometimes you get into the car, the key is turned to start, and the engine barely spins up, vibrates a lot, and troits, the check light comes on. However, as the engine warms up, it starts to run smoothly. But it jerks when moving under tension, or during rapid acceleration. With such symptoms, the first thing you need to do is, of course, read the error codes. If you have an on-board computer, then this is not a problem at all, if not, diagnostics via the connector will help

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