How to repair or replace the heater damper Gazelle Business

Correct operation of the heater is the key to safe and comfortable movement. For ease of use, the Gazelle Business car is equipped with an electronic heater control unit. All adjustments occur due to electrical impulses supplied from the control unit to the damper gear motor. And he, in turn, redirects the flows in a given direction, opens and closes the stove tap and controls the air mixing damper. The unit is also equipped with temperature sensors, which allows it to automatically regulate the temperature of the air supplied to the cabin. All this is very convenient and does not distract the driver from driving the car while driving. But it happens that electronics fail or begin to work incorrectly.

Symptoms of malfunction

To restore or reset the damper, returning it to a working state, you must first make sure that the fault lies in these elements of the heating system of the GAZelle car.

With the onset of cold weather, many GAZelle car owners note this situation. Staying in place with the heater on, the interior warms up quite well and the car is warm inside. But as soon as the car starts moving and starts driving, all the accumulated heat is gradually blown out, the cabin becomes cold, and the working stove cannot restore the previous temperature.

At the same time, everything works fine, there are no complaints about the electric fan of the furnace equipment, the regulators also work properly.

In a situation like this, when the heater is functioning, but the heat still disappears from the car while driving, there is a high probability that the heater is working, but the damper needs to be repaired or replaced. The repair itself cannot be called complicated, but for comfortable work it is recommended to remove the old or new type of heater casing on which the dampers are located, and replace them under more convenient conditions.


Once it has been determined that the electric crane is faulty, it must be dismantled. For this:

  1. Drain the coolant from the vehicle's cooling system into a prepared container.
  2. Disconnect the terminals from the heater electric valve.
  3. Loosen the clamps on the pipes and disconnect them.
  4. Disassemble and determine the causes of failure. There may be several of them:
  • the electric motor has failed;
  • the electrical board has burned out;
  • the gearbox for opening and closing the shutter has failed;
  • the oil seal has leaked;
  • the body burst.
  1. If it is possible to replace parts without replacing the entire mechanism, then such an action would be advisable if you have spare parts in stock or can purchase them for little money. Because, having changed one of the parts, with a high degree of probability you can expect that the other one will soon fail. Of course, it is better to replace the entire element assembly, but this is not always possible.

Where are the dampers located?

If the problem situation is related to the dampers of the GAZelle stove, they will need to be dismantled or repaired. In most cases, when it comes to mechanical malfunctions and breakdown of the unit, replacement is provided. It's not difficult to carry it out.

It is not difficult to understand the peculiarities of the operation of the stove dampers on a GAZelle. But they can be the main reason for the poor operation of the heating system if the electric fan and other main components, including the stove radiator, are working properly.

The dampers are located directly inside the heater. If you are from the driver's seat, the flaps can be seen on the right side of the electric fan housing. To get to it you will need to remove the large glove box on the passenger side. But this does not guarantee full access to the node.

To carry out more serious repair and restoration work, it is better to get to the electric fans of the heating system and carry out the repair in comfortable conditions.

gazelle business stove heater

Having read on the gazelle forum that problems may arise with the damper control controller, I decided that the problem would not take me by surprise, to remove these bells and whistles to hell, namely; 1 fix the recirculation so that it does not switch 2 remove the 3 stepper motors in the photo, the self-tapping screw is wrapped so that the damper does not dangle, in the future it is necessary to make a switch for the motor speed in 2 positions and install a controller in the firebox. The valve has been electrically removed a long time ago. , E3 E5 sometimes lights up on the display, this is due to the shutdown of the damper motors

THE LEFT HEAT INDICATOR SHOULD BE TURNED TO ONE SHELF, THEREFORE THE PUMP WILL BE TURNED ON (in the future, I will turn it off so that the heater motor is turned on by disassembling the heater pump) (in the summer I pull off the plug of the coolant pump)

at this moment the controller is responsible only for: 1 flow to the top and to the feet (the left flap at the door in the open position is constantly regulated by the screens) 2 fan speed (in the future I will connect it through an old-style switch) 3 heated mirrors SCREW-TAPING SCREW IS WRAPED IN 2 POSITIONS SUMMER AND WINTER

finish it according to the advice +++ alext1 was 12 hours ago, so if you install the old model, then in general you don’t need to snack on anything. You take the + from the heater fuse to the switch, from there to the resistor and then to the motor. You can get to the engine from under the hood through the air intake, there is a regular connector. That's all


How it works

On the side of the electric fan unit there are 2 dampers on GAZelle cars. Between these dampers there is a special jumper, which changes its position depending on the operation of a special regulator located on the front panel. As you know, the furnace equipment control unit is located on the center console.

Both dampers close and open synchronously. They are driven by a special drive connected to an external regulator on the control unit. When air is taken in through the engine compartment, depending on the position of the dampers, it can pass through the heater radiator or bypass it. This directly affects whether cold or hot air will enter the cabin.

But if the dampers do not move synchronously, the stove will not work normally. In this situation, mandatory repairs are required.

System modernization

The main problem that causes electronics to fail is moisture. And in the tap the liquid circulates constantly, even when the shutter is closed. And when the oil seal leaks, liquid floods the entire electrical part, and it fails.

Installation of shut-off valves

To avoid this, you can install conventional shut-off valves, fitting them to the outlets of the cooling system. But in order to open or close the supply of hot liquid, you need to move the tap to the desired position manually. And since it is installed under the hood (in a regular place), it is not possible to do this while driving. But this mechanism has a much greater resource.


Before installing a new electric faucet, you need to disassemble it and fill the electronic board with hot glue to avoid moisture getting on it, coat all joints with sealant. This method can only prolong performance, because if liquid gets into the electronic part, the electric motor will be damaged, without which the mechanism will not be able to function correctly.

Causes of malfunctions

If the car owner has no complaints about the performance of other components of the heating system on a GAZelle, but while driving the air into the cabin is cold in the winter, or blows hot in the summer, despite moving the dampers to the appropriate position, then it’s probably all about the dampers.

There can be several situations in case of breakdown or malfunction of the dampers:

  • The air passes through the radiator, while it is required to bypass it without preheating, which is important in the warm season.
  • Due to faulty dampers, air bypasses the heater radiator, although the driver has switched the heater to heating mode.
  • The flaps are stuck in an intermediate position. This does not allow you to get the necessary amount of heat in winter. The heater works, but it's still cold in the cabin.

A pair of dampers whose synchronous operation is disrupted cannot, in the event of a malfunction, supply outside air through the radiator or directly into the cabin without preheating for two main reasons:

  • The drive is broken. It is mechanical and rarely fails. The drive is connected to the regulator on the front panel on the right side of the heater control unit, and goes to the dampers. The likelihood of it breaking is extremely low. Checking the work is quite simple. You need to visually reach the dampers and turn the regulator, changing the position of the elements. If they do not move, there is a possibility that the drive has broken. This problem is more relevant for heavily worn GAZelles with high mileage. To repair it, it will need to be disconnected or adjusted if the drive is stretched or weakened.
  • The jumper is broken. There is a special jumper between the dampers. In fact, it is this that is driven by a special drive, and with the help of this jumper the dampers change their position. The breakage of the jumper occurs quite often, which is why car owners have to contact a car service center or repair the unit on their own.

When faced with such a malfunction, it makes sense to try to repair it yourself. No special skills or special tools are required here. The procedure is carried out in a garage with a minimum basic set of tools and materials.


Before disassembling the entire car dashboard, it is necessary to check the electrical part of the mechanism. High-quality diagnostics are the key to quick and high-quality repairs. Next, we will describe in detail how to check the operation of all drives included in the car’s heating system:

  1. First, you need to check the operation of the gearmotor with the engine off (so that there are no extraneous sounds) and the ignition on, and change the direction of the airflow on the control unit. Listening to the operation of the gear motor, you should hear distinct clicks of position changes.
  2. If clicks are not heard, then all faulty fuses in the unit must be replaced. Then follow the steps described in point No. 1.
  3. You also need to check the terminals suitable for the control drives for oxidation and contact tightness.
  4. If no changes occur, then it is necessary to check the serviceability of the drives. To do this, you need to apply power to the “+” terminal of the drive. Or, if one of the drives is working properly, swap the terminals (switch from a working one to a non-working one). Next, you need to switch the blowing directions and watch the operation of the drives.
  5. If no changes have occurred, then you need to check whether voltage is supplied to the positive wire of the gearmotor (this can be done with a test light or a multimeter); if there is no voltage, then you need to check the integrity of the wiring and the absence of a short circuit in the circuit. If everything is normal, then the control unit will need to be replaced or repaired.

Radical changes to the electrical circuit

In particular, the electrical wiring of the Gazelle 3302 has changed significantly due to the appearance of long-awaited elements:

  1. Diesel engine;
  2. ABS in the brake drive;
  3. Air conditioning;
  4. Cruise control.

Diesel Gazelle

With the advent of long-awaited diesel engines in the line of power units, in particular, a Cummins engine made in the USA, the electrical equipment layout has also changed.

Although the diesel engine is free of the ignition system traditional for gasoline engines, its design contains a lot of other electrical components, among which the main ones are:

  1. Fuel pump control unit;
  2. Exhaust gas afterburning system control unit.

Caution: using non-standard firmware for the engine control unit is not recommended, since the factory settings are designed to balance the different torque of the engine and gearbox.

Accordingly, the wiring of the Gazelle Business has also undergone changes (compared to the wiring diagram of the Gazelle with the 402 engine), since in the diesel version the following is installed:

  1. more powerful battery,
  2. new starter with improved characteristics;
  3. high performance generator;
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